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New surgical technique to reduce migraines

A surgical procedure may be able to diminish migraines. Many patients that suffer from migraine headaches typically have a “trigger spot”. A surgical technique that addresses that specific area can provide relief for patients.

There are huge differences between a headache and a temporal migraine headache. Everyone in their life will experience a headache, whether it is from stress or something else. However, migraines only affect about 14 percent of the population. Migraines can be so painful that they can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and even pain behind the eye.

The study had 246 patients that suffered from temporal migraine headaches. The surgeries were performed by Dr. Guyuron between the year 2000 and 2011. His surgical techniques target the muscles or nerves that produce pain in multiple trigger spots. For patients suffering from temporal migraine headaches, it is a result of muscle contraction around a specific nerve. This nerve is located on the side of the head. The surgical procedure disconnects the nerve to prevent the site from being a trigger spot.

Prior to performing the specific surgery, Botox was used to test the temporal trigger site. Many of the patients had multiple trigger spots, so they received surgery for every trigger spot at the same time. The surgery had very successful results in all the patients. In 85 percent of the patients, their migraines were significantly reduced, and in about 55 percent of these patients, their migraines were eliminated altogether.

The results from the study were very positive. Temporal migraine headache frequency was reduced by an average of 68 percent, the length of the migraine reduced by 41 percent and the severity of pain reduced by 66 percent. It appeared that age, sex, or ethnicity played no factors in these results.

The study revealed the specific symptoms that had been reduced or eliminated as a result of the surgery. The most common symptoms included being bothered by light and noise, blurry vision, difficulty concentrating and drooping eyelids. Migraine triggers that improved as a result of the surgery included letdown after stress, air travel, bright light, loud noises, fatigued, weather changes and certain smells.

The study gives hope to a complete deactivation of temporal migraine headaches. Nearly everyone in the study experienced at least some relief with over half their migraines completely eliminated. This study may be a cost effective way to accurately diagnosing the migraine’s trigger spot. With more research, new outcomes and a possible cure for migraines may come about.

Until this study is fully reviewed and tested, a temporary fix to migraines may be Botox. This procedure may be able to reduce the pain if injected into the trigger spot. If you are looking to get plastic surgery in Des Moines, Dr. Franks may be the right surgeon for you. His services range from Botox to all types of reconstructive surgery. So whether you are simply looking to diminish the pain of your migraines or significantly change your appearance completely, Des Moines plastic surgery help you. For more information, contact 515.421.4299.

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