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Gluteoplasty 101

Perhaps you’ve lost some weight, including in your buttocks, and now you’re left with extra skin. This can leave you very unhappy about the appearance of your buttocks. Sure, your body overall looks great but you still find yourself too self conscious to wear a bikini. If this is the case, you’ve probably considered taking steps to change it. This would mean undergoing a gluteoplasty, or butt lift surgery.

In order to make an informative decision about this surgery, you should understand how it works. It’s fairly similar to a breast lift in that the excess skin is surgically removed and the surrounding tissue is repositioned to create a more pleasant appearance.

One thing to note is that this procedure is entirely different than the Brazilian butt lift. That procedure is to enhance the size of the buttocks, whereas a simple butt lift is to eliminate sagging.

Of course, as great as a butt lift procedure may sound to someone who just lost a lot of weight, the procedure can cause the appearance of the butt to flatten out. If the patient does not want that then an augmentation can occur in conjunction with the lift to keep its natural size.

In addition to removing the excess skin along the buttocks and upper thighs, the appearance of cellulite will also diminish. The skin elasticity will return similar to its normal appearance.

Some fat deposits could be removed along with the skin, but this is not the intention of the procedure so if it does occur, only a minute amount would be removed.

All of this could be sounding very attractive to you right now. So, next we will determine if you make a good candidate for the procedure. First off, you should not be a smoker. Tobacco can cause very negative effects for all types of Des Moines plastic surgery. If you are currently a smoker, you should stop now and refrain from smoking for a few months before undergoing the procedure.

Also, you should be in overall good health. Maintain a stable weight through a healthy diet and exercise. Of course, it’s most likely that you are in need of a butt lift surgery because you had recently lost weight. Just be sure you are at a healthy weight and not underweight. One more important thing is that you should not have unrealistic expectations regarding the procedure. Have a positive outlook but don’t expect perfection.

Only naturally, the recovery for a butt lift surgery prevents you from sitting for at least a week. If your job requires extended periods of time sitting, you may want to wait an additional week before returning to work. Don’t return to normal physical activities for at least a month after the procedure.

If this plastic surgery sounds appealing, you’ll want to schedule a consultation with a trusted Des Moines plastic surgeon to get any questions you have answered. Dr. Franks with WDF Plastic Surgery has many years of experience so you can feel confident in his abilities. For more information about the gluteoplasty, contact 515.421.4299.

"Get Your Booty Back!"

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