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Brazilian Butt  Lift

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"I considered undergoing a BBL for years and knew that I did NOT want an implant placed because of the increased risks associated with that particular procedure. I spent a lot of time researching gluteal augmentation using one’s own fat prior to meeting with surgeons in the Des Moines area. The first experience I had meeting with a plastic surgeon was terrible. I was provided an estimate for a procedure without even being examined. I was immediately put off and decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Franks after seeing an advertisement describing Dr. Franks’ education and experience as a plastic surgeon Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. In meeting Dr. Franks, I was so impressed by his personality and knowledge of gluteal augmentations. It also impressed me that he had an incredible experience with BBL's using a client’s own fat and the results his clients have attained are phenomenal! I have been tremendously happy with my results and the shape (and size) of my booty!"      Maricela R., Marshalltown, IA





Over the past several years, augmentation to the buttocks, often referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift, has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. There are two surgical techniques to enlarge the buttocks. One involves the use of a solid silicone implant placed within the muscle of the buttock and the other the use of one's own fat taken from various regions of the body then transferred selectively into the buttock region to create a pleasant anatomical form.


I do not use implants to augment the buttocks. The complication rate is too high and the consequences of the complications are too great. Instead, I first perform liposuction to the hips, lower back, and abdomen to gather fat which is carefully prepared then injected into the buttock region to create an eloquently contoured anatomical form. The fat is removed by a liposuction technique which sculpts the hips and abdomen, and narrows the waist. How fat is removed then prepared for transfer is the most important aspect of the gluteal augmentation procedure. Refined and impressive results can only be attained by respecting the details of the human form.


Out of respect to my clients and my specialty, I have made the decision to restrict pubic viewing of photographs exclusive to those individuals who are truly interested in the procedures I perform. To do so, please provide and submit the information requested on the Before and After page. A password will then be displayed which permits access to any of the underlined procedures that are listed. Just hover over the procedure you wish to view, click, then enter your password. Review photographs and take notes if you like. You are welcomed to contact my office with your questions. Erin or Jenae will gladly assist you in scheduling your complimentary consultation.





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