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Retin  A

A prescription-strength topically applied product, also known as Tretinoin, is an important part of the Obagi system. Originally developed to treat acne vulgaris, Retin A is scientifically proven to rebuild collagen in the dermis and is a necessity for anyone seeking an anti aging skin care product.


Retin A is among very few substances whose anti-aging effects on the skin have been documented in many well-designed studies of varying duration. Retin A is found to reduce fine wrinkles and skin roughness, increase epidermal thickness and stimulate deposition of collagen. It works by triggering molecular switches in skin cells called retinoid receptors. These switches affect many intracellular processes including cell growth and differentiation, synthesis and breakdown of proteins (including collagen and elastin), sebum production, and possibly even the cell's lifespan clock (telomeres).


Typical strengths of topical Tretinoin creams are 0.02 - 0.1 percent. Side effects are not uncommon and include skin-irritation, dryness, peeling and sun sensitivity. Fortunately, the irritation and other side effects can in most cases be minimized, however, in time these side effects subside as skin adapts to the product.  The FDA supervises the dispensing of Retin A and therefore it can only be attained with the permission of a medical practitioner.



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