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"I considered undergoing a breast augmentation for about six month and had a previous consultation with another surgeon. I was not happy with my consultation with the other surgeon however; I scheduled surgery because I felt pressured to do so after I met with him. About one week after that, I heard about Dr. Franks from a friend and scheduled to meet with him. I was so impressed with Dr. Franks and how he, as well as his staff, treated me during the entire process from scheduling, during the consultation and the follow up after that. Not once did I feel pressured to make a decision regarding surgery. During my consultation with Dr. Franks, he was so informative about my procedure and did a great job explaining the entire surgical process. I came away from my consultation a very well educated client! Something I had not experienced before. Just after I met with Dr. Franks, I cancelled my surgery with the other surgeon (despite losing my hard earned deposit) and scheduled my breast augmentation. I am so happy with my results and that I chose the right surgeon!"    Maria C., Pittsburgh, PA






The abundance of information about breast enhancement surgery found on the internet, in magazines and websites can be overwhelming. Should an implant be placed above or below the chest wall muscle? Where should the incision be made? Can a breast lift be performed at the same time implants are placed? Is a breast lift even necessary? When do implants need to be replaced? Saline or silicone?


Confused? Let’s slow down for a moment and first consider that a few basic criteria should be met before one even considers breast enhancement surgery;


1)  Do you have good general overall health?

2)  Do you have realistic expectations of the procedure and the results?

3)  Are your breast fully matured?


If the basic criteria are met, then a breast enhancement procedure can be very effective in restoring fullness and form to breast which has been lost due to pregnancy, weight loss, or the natural aging process. Breast implants can also provide volume if your breast are naturally small or can be used to improve symmetry.


The options for the size and shape of breast implants have increased significantly in the United States over the past two years. Previously, only round shaped implant were available for breast enhancement. Now, implants are available which are shaped anatomically to address the area which most often concerns women, their upper chest.  Although the filling material of round shaped breast implant remains either silicone or saline (salt water), the silicone within the anatomically shaped implant is now more firm, allowing the enhanced breast to feel natural yet retain its form and stability. The development of a cohesive gel implant was in response to women’s concerns who have silicone breast implants filled with a thinner material.  Although they may have initially liked the natural look of their breast, in time, their look became too natural.  Many felt that their breast appeared larger, but droopy, loosing upper chest fullness. The increased stability and firmness of a cohesive gel anatomically shaped implant can help to maintain a more youthful, fuller appearance of her breast.


The implant selected for you is determined by considering a number of factors including; how you wish your breast to appear, the current size and shape of your breast, the quality of your skin and breast tissue, and the thickness of the soft tissue overlying your upper chest.  I will consider each of these when developing my recommendations for you.


Implants alone are not the answer for ptotic breast. (The origin of the word ptosis is Greek and means falling or sagging of a body part; therefore, a ptotic breast has fallen or sagged.) Placing an implant behind breast tissue which has lost its natural supportive structures and enveloped by skin that is of poor quality will result in accelerated ptosis of the breast and a poor result.  In such instances, a mastopexy, or breast lift, will be necessary to create a breast form of ideal proportions and shape.  An implant may then be used to provide additional fullness if this is your goal.  Information regarding options for transforming a ptotic breast into a more youthful appearing breast can be located under the tab, Breast Lift.


Several factors should be considered when determining where the incision should be placed; including, the type of implant (saline, silicone, round or anatomical), degree of enlargement desired, your anatomy and where you prefer the scar to be.  It is my responsibility to educate you to the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


The general sequence for breast enhancement surgery is;

1)  Incision

2)  Create a pocket for the implant

3)  Irrigate the pocket with antibiotic rinse

4)  Place implant

5)  Close incision

6)  Application of sterile dressings and support bra


Sounds straight forward. So why are some women very happy with their appearance following their surgery when other women are not?  I don't want to make the answer as complex as the question suggest. I will share with you that a good or bad result seldom just happens. The decisions or non-decisions made during the initial consultation are critical in determining the final result. If an asymmetry is not recognized, if a breast deformity is not noted, if curvature of the spine is missed, if the quality of the skin and breast tissue is ignored and most importantly, if the goals of the client are not appreciated and understood, one cannot expect to achieve consistent results that are of impressive quality. Surgical technique should be precise, thoughtful, and detailed oriented. This is not a race. This is a surgical procedure performed on an individual who has entrusted me for her care and safety.


Ultimately, it is my responsibility to share with you my opinion as to which is the best implant, surgical approach and surgical technique necessary for you to achieve the appearance you desire.   My opinion may differ from other surgeons with whom you have a consultation.  This is not uncommon.  Plastic surgeons in general are individual thinkers. Some are innovative and detailed oriented while others are not.  Your consultation is an excellent opportunity to allow your "instincts" determine the ethics of the surgeon you meet and the truth regarding what you are being told.  I welcome the opportunity to have such a conversation with you.


Out of respect to my clients and my specialty, I have made the decision to restrict pubic viewing of photographs exclusive to those individuals who are truly interested in the procedures I perform. To do so, please provide and submit the information requested on the Before and After page. A password will then be displayed which permits access to any of the underlined procedures that are listed. Just hover over the procedure you wish to view, click, then enter your password. Review photographs and take notes if you like. You are invited to contact my office with your questions. Erin or Jenae will gladly assist you in scheduling your complimentary consultation.





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