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Breast Reduction



“I considered a breast reduction for years – but never imagined that it would be possible. A friend that knew of Dr. Franks recommended that I schedule a consultation with him. My first thought was, “There will never be a plastic surgeon that will take on my case,” and it took a few months to finally work up the courage to meet with him. They say that first impressions are key. I was incredibly nervous before my appointment but as I stepped into Dr. Franks’ office, I felt like I was “home.” Dr. Franks and his staff welcomed me as if they had known me for years. I immediately knew that this was the right place to be. From working with my insurance company to obtain prior authorization for my breast reduction procedure, to helping me on my journey to quit smoking prior to surgery, Dr. Franks and his staff have been right next to me. I was so impressed with the amount of follow up phone calls and appointments following my surgery. I knew that Dr. Franks or his staff were just a phone call away if I had any questions or concerns. After removing ten pounds from my breasts, Dr. Franks has completely changed my life! Thank you, Dr. Franks for helping my dreams become a reality!”     Melissa T., Dallas Center, IA







16 years of age and expressed concerns of her large breasts which developed at age 9. She suffered from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain for which required treatement with a physical therapist.


Left breast tissue removed: 1,094 gm

Right breast tissue removed: 1,318 gm

53 years of age and experienced chronic back, neck and shoulder pain which required chiropractic treatments as well as NSAIDS.


Left breast tissue removed: 995 gm

Right breast tissue removed: 1,336 gm


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