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Thoughts of  My  Clients



“I considered having liposuction to stubborn areas that I was unable to target with diet and exercise. I had met with other plastic surgeons and chose Dr. Franks because with my first phone call I felt like his staff were interested in my questions rather than making it a quick yes/no phone call. In meeting with Dr. Franks, I immediately felt safe. He spent a significant amount of time answering my questions and listening to my concerns. I did not feel pressured or judged which is how I felt during previous consultations. Following liposuction, I was impressed with the great follow up and that I could text any questions I had and receive an immediate response. I felt reassured that I could contact Dr. Franks or Erin at any time. This is huge with my generation of social media. Following my liposuction, I am more confident, especially at the gym! I never imagined the results would be this amazing! Thank you Dr. Franks!"

Laura K., Ames, IA



“I never liked my neck and after several famiyl members had procedures with Dr. Franks, I took the leap to finally have a procedure that I always dreamed about! I had met with another plastic surgeon and chose Dr. Franks because of his care and attention to detail with my family. He has always treated ust like family and spends a great deal of time during each of my appointments. I am incredibly happy with the results from liposuction to my neck! I feel prettier and more confident. I used to wear my hair down to hide my neck but now I often wear it back away from my face. This is something I would have never done before my surgery with Dr. Franks. I never knew the results would be this good!

Gloria S., Hampton, IA



“I considered having a breast augmentation for years. I was always flat chested and wanted to be able to fill out my clothes. A good friend recommended that I see Dr. Franks to learn what my options might be. I requested a password to view the before and after photographs on Dr. Franks’ website and couldn’t believe that I received a response from the office right away even though it was the weekend! After looking at the before and after photographs, I was so impressed with Dr. Franks’ results that I scheduled my consultation. After meeting Dr. Franks, I knew I was in the right place. He answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. I scheduled my surgery shortly thereafter. I loved that Dr. Franks took the time to personally call me the evening of my surgery and see me the following day. My follow up appointments and communication from the office was fantastic! I felt safe knowing I was being well taken care of and that my recovery mattered. Thank you for boosting my confidence, Dr. Franks!”

Kari N., West Des Moines, IA



“Having children and nursing took a toll on my breasts. They were saggy and I had lost fullness which bothered me by the way my clothes fit. My sister had a procedure done years ago by Dr. Franks and always spoke very highly of him. I never even considered meeting with another surgeon. In speaking with Dr. Franks, I was so impressed with his personality and that he was down to earth. He spent time explaining the procedures and he didn’t try to “sell” me on a bunch of procedures. Instead, Dr. Franks provided options that would help me achieve my goals. I am so glad that I took Dr. Franks’ advice with having a breast augmentation and a little liposuction to my armpit area. I feel amazing and so much more confident having fullness back to my breasts! I am so HAPPY!”   Sheena K., Bondurant, IA



“Having babies took a toll on my body and I was unhappy with the way my clothes fit. I even wore undergarments to give my body shape under my clothing. I had looked into having a tummy tuck for years and had once met with a plastic surgeon. Dr. Franks had done a breast lift procedure on my sister and she was very happy with the results. She highly recommended Dr. Franks and I was excited to meet with him. During my first consultation, Dr. Franks spent considerable time listening to my concerns and what I wanted to accomplish with surgery. I was impressed with his technique and the before and after photographs of his patients who had undergone a lipoabdominoplasty. I scheduled my lipoabdominoplasty and just six weeks later I am more confident and happy! The results are more impressive than I ever imagined. I can now fit into clothing without having to wear undergarments. I never imagined that my surgery would affect me in such a positive way! I now want to show off my great shape! Thank you Dr. Franks!”    

A.S., Hampton, IA



“I had wanted to have gluteal augmentation for years but became more serious after having my last baby. After spending a lot of time “googling” Des Moines plastic surgeons, I called all of the plastic surgery offices in Des Moines. The receptionists that answered the phones were rude and not willing to answer my questions – until I called Dr. Franks’ office. I immediately felt a sense of relief that I was able to talk with someone who was friendly and interested in me. I scheduled my complimentary consultation with Dr. Franks. Dr. Franks is very humble and treated me like I was a part of his family. He took the time to listen to my concerns and goals and was very thorough in his recommendations. Following my gluteal augmentation, Dr. Franks and his staff kept in constant contact with me to be sure that my recovery was going smoothly. Dr. Franks even visited my home! The care that I have received from the initial phone call to after my surgery was amazing! I knew that I would love my results after seeing Dr. Franks’ before and after photographs, however; I never in a million years imagined that I would feel this great about my body again!”   

Genoveva D., Des Moines, IA



“I considered a breast reduction for years after suffering from large breasts that I developed at a young age. I had chronic neck and back pain and nothing helped alleviate my symptoms. My sister had a friend that underwent a breast reduction with Dr. Franks and was incredibly happy with her results so I scheduled my consultation with him. I never even gave a thought to meet with any other surgeon.


Although I was quite nervous during my initial consultation, Dr. Franks put my mind at ease and I felt very comfortable with his recommendations. He spent time with me discussing breast reduction in general as well as the risks and benefits of undergoing my procedure. I was also happy to hear that a breast reduction may be covered by my insurance company. His office spent time submitting a prior authorization along with my medical records to my insurance company and I was approved for surgery! It has been just over nine months since my breast reduction and I could not be happier! I never imagined that my neck and back pain would be alleviated to this degree! I love my new breasts – and how I fit into my clothing. I feel like a new woman!” 

R.S., Des Moines, IA




“Following treatment for thyroid cancer, I developed a large, raised scar that extended across my entire neck. For years, I struggled with pain, discomfort and embarrassment as the scar continued to grow. I was referred to Iowa City for treatment of the scar with multiple steroid injections which did not improve the appearance or the pain. Last year, my primary care physician referred me to Dr. Franks and he recommended that I have the scar revised. I was terrified because previous treatments did not work – and left my scar looking worse; however, after first meeting Dr. Franks I completely trusted that he would take great care of me! Dr. Franks monitored my recovery closely – seeing me on a weekly basis to be certain that I was healing well. Almost a year later, I never imagined in a million years where I would be with my healing and the appearance of my scar! My life has completely changed – my confidence is through the roof!


Dr. Franks, Erin and Jenae are amazing at making me feel like I am part of their family – I always laugh (and sometimes cry out of complete happiness) when I am in the office.  When I talk about Dr. Franks and his staff to my family and friends, I refer to them as my “Dream Team!”

Evelyn G., Des Moines, IA





“With the aging process and having children, gravity took a toll on my body and I was looking to improve the appearance of my breasts. I interviewed three plastic surgeons, who were all recommended by friends and Dr. Franks was one of these three. There is NO comparison between Dr. Franks and the other surgeons I met with. Dr. Franks’ interest in me as a person, the amount of time he and his staff spent getting to know ME – my lifestyle, my future plans, work and family was incredible! I felt comfortable that Dr. Franks would guide me through the decision making process to help me reach my long-term goals. After undergoing my breast procedure, I was impressed with how “perfect” everything looks! I understand that there will be settling of the breast implants and swelling will diminish but I have loved the way I look since the day after surgery! Thank you, Dr. Franks, for making me feel comfortable, relaxed, and for taking the time to answer all of my questions!”

Joan J., West Des Moines, IA





“I started looking into plastic surgery in 2013 after I underwent massive weight loss. Despite monitoring my nutrition and daily exercise, I had loose skin as well as saggy breasts. Because I live in Southern Iowa, I decided on meeting with a local plastic surgeon who performed my initial surgeries that included a circumferential body lift. I was so unhappy with the care and results from these procedures. It took days for the surgeon’s office to even respond to my calls expressing concern with complications that I was experiencing. When my calls were finally returned, I was told, “everything will be fine”. After this negative experience, I decided to look elsewhere to consider a revision as well as options for breast procedures. I “Googled” Dr. Franks and was impressed with his reviews. I was even more impressed when I contacted his office and was treated by staff as if they had known me for years. I immediately felt comfortable and was so relieved that I actually had questions answered.


The time and attention Dr. Franks spent during my initial consultation was incredible! He even answered questions about the complications I was experiencing with my circumferential body lift – which included chronic fluid formation. Dr. Franks is very kind and compassionate about my concerns and I felt he not only wanted to help me “look” better but feel better about myself mentally. When you meet Dr. Franks and his staff, you immediately get the sense that they aren’t here to “make a ton of money” but to HELP their clients. Like they care about you as an individual. Following my consultation, I scheduled my breast lift with adjustable implants within one week of meeting with Dr. Franks. I have never felt so confident! Dr. Franks is AMAZING and I often joke that I don’t want to share his name so I can keep him to myself!” 

Megan V., Iowa





"I considered undergoing a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember – but became more serious about research over the last five years. My husband and I decided that we were done having children and I was ready to do something for myself. I began an intense workout regimen that gave me more self-confidence and took the time to care about myself as a whole.


In researching plastic surgeons, I wanted to meet with someone who came highly recommended. I wanted to find a surgeon who fit my personality, needs and answered all of my questions and concerns. I wanted to be treated as an individual and not a number. Dr. Franks was a perfect fit! During my consultation, Dr. Franks and Erin spent over an hour with me. Dr. Franks discussed every option with me, answered my many, many questions and made me feel like I was his only client. He is knowledgeable, professional and caring.


I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Franks and his staff to anyone interested in pursuing cosmetic surgery! I have told all of my girlfriends about Dr. Franks. I was thoroughly pleased with the entire process and I am thrilled with my results – I truly could NOT be happier! Following my surgery, I received a complimentary Bella Microdermabrasion and I fell in love with it! I decided to make an investment in my skin and myself by starting a six month skin care treatment plan, which I have been very pleased with!" 

Paula S., Waukee, IA


"I met with Dr. Franks regarding concerns I had about a previous breast augmentation that was done by a local plastic surgeon.  My breasts were disfigured and I was very uncomfortable with their appearance. I was also experiencing pain that I could no longer tolerate. Prior to my consultation with Dr. Franks, I had researched local plastic surgeons and spoke with medical professionals in Des Moines about their recommendations. Dr. Franks’ name was mentioned in several conversations as the only surgeon I should meet with. I spoke with several of his clients and read their phenomenal online reviews that also helped me make my decision. During my consult, the amount of time that Dr. Franks spent with me as well as his commitment to excellence and concern for my safety were some of the reasons I decided to undergo my breast augmentation revision without meeting with other plastic surgeons. His staff was just as professional and personal and continued to check on me during my recovery. My results are better than I ever expected! I look forward to having additional procedures with Dr. Franks in the future! I have recommended Dr. Franks to all of my friends and family!"   

Tami B., West Des Moines, IA


"Working with Dr. Franks and his staff was hands-down the best medical experience I have encountered! Dr. Franks spent a significant amount of time with my spouse and I at my initial consult, putting us both at ease. He took the time to really listen to what I wanted and explained what he would be doing, why he would be doing it, etc. His nurse, Erin, is the perfect compliment to him - kind, thorough and genuine. It is so rare to find a doctor who is top-notch medically AND has outstanding bedside manner. I would recommend Dr. Franks and his staff to anyone and everyone!!"

M.B., Des Moines, IA


"I LOVE Dr. Franks and his staff! Dr. Franks' talents are a God given blessing. After testing positive for the BCRA2, both he and his staff made my decision to move forward with surgery an easy choice. I feel like I am part of a family- and years later - that feeling has never changed!!"

Sharron M., Ottumwa, IA


"Dr. Franks is so sincere, honest and empathetic. He truly LISTENS to all of your concerns. What an AWESOME doctor! Ten years later, I am still a strong part of Dr. Franks' practice. The staff is so helpful and work well together as a team, especially his nurse Erin who I have also known for years. Love her! You will NEVER receive better care and you will never be "just another client" in their practice. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Dr. Franks and his staff!"

Tracey F., Urbandale, IA


"Dr. Franks and his staff are the best! I have know Dr. Franks for many years and have had the opportunity to see the careful, meticulous work that he has performed. Dr. Franks treats his patients so very well - they appreciate his gentle bedside manner. After much research on skin care products and services, I scheduled my skin care consult with Dr. Franks and Jenae. I have been incredibly happy with my treatments as well as the Obagi skin care products that were recommended based on my needs. As part of my skin care package, I underwent an Obagi blue peel and was so amazed at the results!!! My skin is so smooth and I have enjoyed so many compliments from friends - and strangers! Dr. Franks and his staff are very patient and throrough while answering my questions that arise. I would highly recommend Dr. Franks and WDF Plastic Surgery to all of my family and friends!"    

Colleen C., Des Moines, IA



"I met Dr. Franks 10 years ago when he first performed surgery on my mom. After seeing how meticulous he was with the different operations he did for her, I knew that whenever I needed anything done he would be where I would go. After having weight loss surgery I needed to have surgery to enhance my look and sure enough Dr. Franks is where I went. From the time I had my first consultation till now, he and Erin were amazing. Everything I needed or had questions with they were there to help! The thing that I appreciate the most about them is the fact that they care and make sure you are well taken care of, almost as if you're their only patient."    

Stephanie C., Des Moines, IA



"When I was looking for a plastic surgeon to discuss concerns with my abdomen, I was looking for someone who provided a sense of comfort, ease and understanding in a situation that was unfamiliar and new to me. Dr. Franks exudes confidence and experience in explaining how a procedure will be performed. I was impressed not only in Dr. Franks’ communication with me before, during and after my procedure, but his staff as well."

Angela E., Urbandale, IA



"One year ago I was scheduled to meet with another plastic surgeon. After my consultation had been cancelled multiple times, I saw an advertisement for Dr. Franks. I viewed his website and after reading his credentials and amount of training he had undergone to become board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, I knew that I wanted to schedule a consultation with him. After meeting with Dr. Franks, I immediately felt comfortable and trusted him after he spent an hour and half with me discussing my goals and concerns with my abdomen. Dr. Franks made me feel like I was his only focus which facilitated my decision to move forward with my surgical procedure. He has changed my body – and my life!"    

Faviola S., Des Moines, Iowa



"After meeting Dr. Franks and Jenae I realized the potential for my skin. I had never taken care of it and didn't really know where to begin, but I knew I wanted healthy skin. Now that I have a skin care regimen to follow my skin is no longer breaking out, it is healthy, and so soft! Every time I look in the mirror I am surprised with how great my skin looks and my friends are even noticing too. I would definately refer a friend to see Jenae and Dr. Franks if they have any concerns with skin care." 

Patricia E., Des Moines, Iowa



"I have always struggled with dry skin and blackheads but never knew how to fix it. I decided to begin a six month skin care regimen designed by Dr. Franks and Jenae. I'm still very early into my skin care plan but already my skin feels so soft and my blackheads are clearing up! My confidence has improved from taking care of my skin and I even feel comfortable taking pictures without makeup. I've told my mom, my dad, EVERYONE to come see Dr. Franks and Jenae. I love the service at WDF Plastic Surgery and am having an awesome experience addressing my skin concerns. I trust Jenae and Dr. Franks to recommend the right products and services to allow my skin to be its healthiest and most beautiful."  

Marta R., Des Moines, IA



"I considered a gluteal augmentation for years and learned about Dr. Franks after hearing his advertisement on the radio. Upon researching him online, I was impressed by his client reviews, educational background and that Dr. Franks is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Upon entering the office, I knew that I was in the right place. I was greeted by my name and I felt at "home"! I was so confident in Dr. Franks and his recommendation for a staged procedure to help me reach my goals. He educated me about the procedure as well as expectations. I have never felt more safe! I have undergone stage one - a gluteal augmentation and am working toward stage two - a lipoabdominoplasty. Dr. Franks has the entire package - he is a FANTASTIC doctor and surgeon as well as employs a wonderful staff to compliment his practice. Thank you so much, Dr. Franks for changing my life - my confidence level is through the roof!"    
A.Z., Des Moines, IA



"I suffered from acne for a long time and never thought to visit a clinic until my friend told me about Dr. Franks. I had no idea that a plastic surgeron's office could help me with skin care! After meeting with Dr. Franks and Jenae I soon began using the Obagi CLENZIderm line and was prescribed oral antibiotics. My face became very dry so Jenae suggested a great moisturizer that really helped! Now that my acne has cleared up I am working to address the scars with microdermabrasion treatments. I love how clean my skin feels after a micro! My family and friends comment on how great my skin looks and I've even brought my little brother to see Dr. Franks and Jenae for his acne too. I would tell anyone with acne that they don't have to suffer; it can be treated, and to go to WDF Plastic Surgery!" 

Daisy M., Des Moines, IA



"Two years ago I went to a local dermatologist center to learn how to take better care of my skin. I was told to purchase two products and to try a microdermabrasion treatment, so I did. I never heard back from their office and unfortunately I did not see any improvement with my skin. After my daughters told me to meet with Dr. Franks I scheduled an appointment and asked for Botox to rid my wrinkles. After he and Jenae analyzed my skin they educated me on the importance of skin care and why Botox isn't going to give me the results I am wanting. I appreciated Dr. Franks' honesty and feel he is always interested in what is best for me. I am currently committed to a six month treatment plan which includes medical grade skin care products, microdermabrasion treatments, and TCA skin therapy to address all my skin concerns. Since beginning my treatment plan I have noticed a glow to my skin now that I didn't have before and my fine lines are even reducing! My friends ask what I'm doing to my skin because it looks great, but I keep my skin care treatment plan my little secret. ;)  

Audelia G, Des Moines IA



"I had been interested in a tummy tuck for years and previosuly met with other surgeon's across Iowa who were egotistical and rushed me through my consultation. I heard from friends that Dr. Franks was very kind and actually listened to his clients. When I met Dr. Franks in person, he looked at ME and listened to MY concerns. He treated me as if I were his only client and I never felt rushed in his office. He didn't try to sell me on multiple procedures or products. I immediately scheduled my lipoabdominoplasty and have never looked back.  Dr. Franks has taken such great care of me - I LOVE my new body!"  

B.P., Stratford, I



"I just wanted to thank you for the awesome care my nine year old daughter received this morning! Dr. Franks, you were amazing working your magic getting the tree bark out of her laceration. You cleaned it up and it looks so much better. I can't thank you enough for everything you and your staff did. I would recommend you to anyone! She was comfortable with you, everything was explained and we were greeted when we walked in. I can't say enough good things about the service we received! Thank you so much!"   

Ellen S., Des Moines, IA



"I had thought about a gluteal augmentation for about a year. A good friend had liposuction performed by Dr. Franks - she looked fantastic and spoke so highly of him that I decided to schedule a consultation. During my initial visit, I was hesitant to show Dr. Franks my body but he made me feel so safe and comfortable in an embarrassing situation. Following my gluteal augmentation, I was so impressed with the standard of care. Dr. Franks visited my home as well as provided his cell phone number to contact him at any time. I have never been treated so kindly - what a great practice to work with! I have had so many comments about my new body and feel amazing! Thank you so much Dr. Franks for giving me my confidence back!"  

Maria H., Des Moines, IA



“I had considered undergoing a breast augmentation for years. Having children took a toll on the appearance of my breast and I was not happy!  I had lost the fullness to my breast ,one breast was slightly larger than the other so I was hoping to achieve more symm!etry as well. A family member recommended Dr. Franks after I had met with seven different plastic surgeon’s locally and in the Midwest. I am incredibly happy with Dr. Franks and my results are amazing.  In meeting Dr. Franks, I was so impressed by the way that he explained why my breasts appeared the way they do. I couldn’t believe the amount of time Dr. Franks spent with me during my initial consult and felt so comfortable with him! I walked away having a better understanding of what procedure was needed to help me accomplish my goals. I loved that Dr. Franks recommended an adjustable saline implant so I could partake in the overall size of my implants! I had no idea that this would even be an option! My entire experience has been AWESOME and I LOVE my new breasts! Thank you, Dr. Franks, for giving me beautiful breasts!”  

Carla M., Ankeny, IA



"After many years of considering plastic surgery for a breast augmentation, I was finally ready to do so after meeting Dr. Franks and his team. I’d searched and searched for the right surgeon, and after a referral to this office, I knew my decision was made. The expertise and board certification of Dr. Franks, along with the friendly and incredibly knowledgeable staff made me 100% confident in my choice to go through with the surgery. For many years I struggled with unevenness in my breasts, and now thanks to Dr. Franks, I no longer have that issue and could not be happier with the results!"  

Elizabeth E. Des Moines, IA


"I have stuggled with acne since I was 11 years old. Over the years it seemed like I had tried everything possible to stop the breakouts and I even went to a local dermatologist one year ago. However, I did not see any improvements nor did I feel like the staff cared. A few months ago my cousin suggested I go see Dr. Franks and Jenae because one of her friends was having great results with her skin since coming to WDF Plastic Surgery. After meeting with Dr. Franks and Jenae I finally had an understanding of why my breakouts were occurring and greatly appreciated how much time they took to educate me. I have been using the Obagi Clenziderm Acne System, Retin A, and antibiotics for nearly two months and am so happy with how my skin is looking and feeling! The redness has gone down and my breakouts are really clearing up, so much so that my friends at work are even noticing and asking what treatments I've had to my skin. I have not experienced any treatments yet, because Dr. Franks and Jenae have explained that we first need to get my acne under control, but I am so excited to see further improvements once I do!"  

Yesenia G., Des Moines, IA



“A few years ago, I underwent a tummy tuck procedure by a local plastic surgeon and was very unhappy with my results because I looked “square” and my incision was uneven. I met with Dr. Franks after I heard his advertisement on the radio and was so impressed with his personality. I immediately felt comfortable upon entering his office. Dr. Franks spent over one hour during my initial consultation explaining WHAT I was seeing and WHY I looked the way I did. The first surgery I underwent years ago, I jumped right in with the surgeon because he offered “the best price.” I now realize that TRUST is the most important when choosing a plastic surgeon. I felt that I could trust Dr. Franks with revising my “BOTCHED” surgery. Dr. Franks has been fantastic to work with. He spends a lot of time answering questions and concerns that I may have. I have never been treated this well! I could have never imagined having a “shape” again! Thank you, Dr. Franks for giving me the body I have always wanted!”   

Irene R., Des Moines, IA



I considered a breast reduction for years – but never imagined that it would be possible. A friend that knew of Dr. Franks recommended that I schedule a consultation with him. My first thought was, “There will never be a plastic surgeon that will take on my case,” and it took a few months to finally work up the courage to meet with him. They say that first impressions are key. I was incredibly nervous before my appointment but as I stepped into Dr. Franks’ office, I felt like I was “home.” Dr. Franks and his staff welcomed me as if they had known me for years. I immediately knew that this was the right place to be. From working with my insurance company to obtain prior authorization for my breast reduction procedure, to helping me on my journey to quit smoking prior to surgery, Dr. Franks and his staff have been right next to me. I was so impressed with the amount of follow up phone calls and appointments following my surgery. I knew that Dr. Franks or his staff were just a phone call away if I had any questions or concerns. After removing ten pounds from my breasts, Dr. Franks has completely changed my life! Thank you, Dr. Franks for helping my dreams become a reality!”    

Melissa T., Dallas Center, IA



"I highly recommend Dr. Franks and his practice. I am truly blessed to have such care. I have been a client of his for 9+ years and during this entire time, I would happily give them 5 out of 5 stars! The kindness and genuineness of this team are top-notch. The surgical skills of Dr. Franks are unmatched in my book. Recently, I became serious about my skin care needs and with Dr. Franks' expertise, I now feel very good about the quality of my skin. I had significant sun damage causing permature againg and hyperpigmentation, as well as acne scarring which caused hypopigmentation. Dr. Franks, Erin, and Jenae have individualized my needs with Obagi skin care products, TCA skin therapy treatments, and microdermabrasions to personally transform my skin  in six months! When I receive complements now on my skin it is a wonderful reminder of how far it has come in such a relatively short time. Dr. Franks and staff understand the science behind quality skin. From skin care to surgical procedures, I look no further than Dr. Franks' office, and to them - a huge thank you for your care!" 

Jen K., Urbandale, IA



"I just want to thank Dr. Franks and his entire staff for all the support and help that was offered before, during and after I underwent liposuction to my abdomen and flanks. Dr. Franks has done such a fantastic job! The results I have achieved just after one week post-operatively are indescribable. I could not have imagined that I would look this great!  Dr. Franks is extremely talented at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone - and everyone! Thank you, Dr. Franks for giving me outstanding results!"   

Gloria, G., Des Mmoines, IA 



"For over four years I have considered having a gluteal augmentation. I heard about Dr. Franks on the radio as well as from mutual friends who had previously met with him. After speaking with his interpreter to schedule my consultation, I knew that I wanted to meet with Dr. Franks. During my consultation, Dr. Franks was very thorough in his explanation and offered realistic expectations. He was very caring and put me at ease despite being uncomfortable having to show my body. I have now fully recovered and love showing off my new curves! I would highly recommend Dr. Franks!"    

Ingrid C., Des Moines, IA



"I feel compelled to express my great satisfaction with Dr. Franks and his staff. From the moment I entered the office door I knew there was a significant difference in the atmosphere and demeanor of the office personnel.


Dr. Franks and his nurse, Erin took the time to explain the pros and cons to my surgery. I was treated with viability as they listened and answered every question or concern. Together, decisions were made, based upon what was needed medically and at the same time meeting my wishes of a desired look.


I was never uncomfortable. Before discovering Dr. Franks, I had talked to several other doctors, many of the consultations scared me, as I was bombarded with a canned five minute consultation and package price deal. Dr. Franks and his staff were different; I recognized their primary goal is to make sound decisions based on the best solution for each client. They are always a phone call away. I could not be happier with the outcome.


From the first meeting to surgery and the post-surgery appointments I have been extremely pleased. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Franks and his staff. They are beautiful, caring people!" Lisa R., Ankeny, IA



"I had always thought about a breast lift/breast augmentation but it became a serious consideration about two months before I met with Dr. Franks. I did a lot of research on different surgeons prior to meeting with Dr. Franks as well as talked with people in the community who highly regard Dr. Franks. I was initially impressed by his background as well as being certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and was even more impressed when I met him in person. Dr. Franks is nice and personable. During my consultation, he spent a significant amount of time educating me on my procedure and helped me to understand why I looked the way I did. It has now been one month since my surgery and I am so happy with the appearance of my breasts!  Dr. Franks and his staff been wonderful. I am recommending him to everyone! Thank you Dr. Franks!"    

Laura M., Ankeny, IA



"I considered undergoing a tummy tuck for about five months prior to hearing about Dr. Franks. I was looking for a surgeon that was confident, trustworthy and had a caring personality. I had yet to meet a surgeon with all of these traits. I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Franks after hearing an advertisement on the radio. During my consultation with Dr. Franks, he spent an incredible amount of time talking with me and my daughter about my goals and what procedure(s) I was a candidate for. I immediately felt like I could put my life in his hands and he would take such good care of me. Dr. Franks exuberated confidence in his skills as a plastic surgeon.  He made me even more comfortable when he talked about safety being his number one priority. I have never been treated more kindly and lovingly by a doctor and his staff. I am so impressed with the quality of Dr. Franks and his practice that I cannot wait for future procedures!"    

V. E., Des Moines, IA



" For years my skin care consisted of Mary Kay products. It was the only product line that I was familiar with so I continued to use it even though my skin felt oily and I was having frequent break outs. I saw an ad for Dr. Franks' office and decided to schedule a skin care consultation. From the moment I walked in the door Dr. Franks and his staff made me feel so comfortable that I knew I was in good hands! There are many other offices I've visited that seem very cold and uninviting, but not WDF Plastic Surgery. Here I feel I can be open and honest about my skin concerns and trust that Dr. Franks and Jenae will take care of me. I now use the Obagi Nu Derm Skin Care System to improve the quality and texture of my skin. I also receive chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatments to combat skin aging and to clean out my pores. I can see a difference in my skin but I feel even happier when my friends notice and comment on how youthful and clean my skin is! Thank you Dr. Franks and staff for all that you do!"    

Pricilla G., Des Moines, IA 



"After working hard on losing weight, I found that I had a few stubborn areas and considered undergoing a procedure for years. I was referred to Dr. Franks by a friend and during my consultation, I immediately felt comfortable and that I would be taken care of before, during and after my surgery process. I felt that I met the right surgeon to perform my surgery and scheduled shortly thereafter. Dr. Franks and his staff had the ability to make me feel like I was their only client and were very attentive to my needs. I would recommend Dr. Franks in a heartbeat!"    

Tammy P., West Des Moines, IA



"I have previously undergone a cosmetic procedure elsewhere and was not happy with the results. I wanted to look good in and out of my clothes and get my body ready for the summer. I heard about Dr. Franks from a friend and thought I would schedule a consultation after I also saw an advertisement in a magazine. I was impressed by Dr. Franks’ education and most importantly that he is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Upon meeting Dr. Franks, I felt that I was able to trust his opinion and his recommendation to help me meet my goals. Dr. Franks spent over an hour and a half educating me on the procedure I wanted to undergo and what I could realistically expect with the results. I am so happy with my appearance –and look forward to showing off my new body!"  

Maria R., Des Moines, IA



"I considered undergoing a breast augmentation for about six month and had a previous consultation with another surgeon. I was not happy with my consultation with the other surgeon however; I scheduled surgery because I felt pressured to do so after I met with him. About one week after that, I heard about Dr. Franks from a friend and scheduled to meet with him. I was so impressed with Dr. Franks and how he, as well as his staff, treated me during the entire process from scheduling, during the consultation and the follow up after that. Not once did I feel pressured to make a decision regarding surgery. During my consultation with Dr. Franks, he was so informative about my procedure and did a great job explaining the entire surgical process. I came away from my consultation a very well educated client! Something I had not experienced before. Just after I met with Dr. Franks, I cancelled my surgery with the other surgeon (despite losing my hard earned deposit) and scheduled my breast augmentation. I am so happy with my results and that I chose the right surgeon!"

Maria C., Des Moines, IA



"For years I disliked the look and feel of my skin. It felt dry and seemed lifeless. I even went to a Dermatologist who analyzed my skin and had me purchase products that ended up not working at all! I was frustrated and ready for a change when I saw an ad for medical skin care at WDF Plastic Surgery. I now use Obagi skin care and maintain my skin appearance with microdermabrasion treatments and chemical peels. The products are so easy to use and now my skin has more life, color, and a glow to it. My friends and co-workers frequently comment on how great my skin looks and I always refer them to see Dr. Franks and Jenae!"

Araceli G., Des Moines, IA



"I have always disliked the appearance of my nose and had considered surgery for over seven years. Upon meeting Dr. Franks, I felt safe and secure and trusted his recommendations to help improve the appearance of my nose. I was so impressed with the amount of time that Dr. Franks spent with me discussing the procedure and what to expect before, during and after surgery. He exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend Dr. Franks! He completely changed my life!" 

Nolvia G., Des Moines, IA



"I considered having surgery to change the shape of my nose for about one year before undergoing a procedure however; I did not know where to go for a consultation until I heard Dr. Franks’ name on the radio. I also have friend who have met with Dr. Franks and mentioned how personable he was and that he actually listened to his clients. During my first consultation with Dr. Franks, I immediately trusted his advice and recommendations for a rhinoplasty. I have never felt more comfortable and I was treated as if I was his only client. My daughter has been so impressed with my transformation that she has scheduled with Dr. Franks as well. I have, and will continue to recommend Dr. Franks."  

Erika P., Des Moines, IA



"I considered undergoing a gluteal augmentation for years and knew that I did NOT want an implant placed because of the increased risks associated with that particular procedure. I spent a lot of time researching gluteal augmentation using one’s own fat prior to meeting with surgeons in the Des Moines area. The first experience I had meeting with a plastic surgeon was terrible. I was provided an estimate for a procedure without even being examined. I was immediately put off and decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Franks after seeing an advertisement describing Dr. Franks’ education and experience as a plastic surgeon Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. In meeting Dr. Franks, I was so impressed by his personality and knowledge of gluteal augmentations. It also impressed me that he had an incredible experience with gluteal augmentations using a client’s own fat and the results his clients have attained are phenomenal! I have been tremendously happy with my results and the shape (and size) of my booty!" 

Maricela R., Marshalltown, IA



"What stands out with me in my experience with Dr. Franks and Erin is how solidly they have been there for me.  My reconstruction took much longer than expected because of various complications, so the relationship has been a long one.  Never once did I feel I was just one of many patients.  I felt as though my well being was of utmost importance to them.  I’ve called Dr. Franks on a Sunday morning, when he was on vacation, and other no doubt inconvenient times.  Not only did he quickly respond, he emphasized to me how right I was to have contacted him if I was concerned.  If I call or e-mail Erin, she gets back to me as soon as humanly possible and takes care of what I need.  They are supremely professional and competent, and they are also stellar examples of humanity.  I know their patients’ safety and satisfaction drives every aspect of their practice."  

Karen W., Des Moines, IA



"I'm a 57 year old man who decided to do a little something about the aging process.  After meeting with Dr. Franks and Erin, I took the next step and had a face lift. I feel especially fortunate to have had Dr Franks as my surgeon- he's a true perfectionist. The care and guidance I received from Dr Franks and Erin was superb and my results were outstanding.  So now I ask myself- why did I wait so long!"    

Les S., Des Moines, IA



"I went to several consultations with other plastic surgeons before deciding on Dr. Franks. I wanted a doctor  that I could actually have a conversation with, and someone who I felt comfortable asking as many questions as I wanted to. After meeting him, I just knew that I didn't want anyone else. If I were to give a friend advice on cosmetic surgery, I would say nothing is more important than your confidence in your doctor. The right doctor is different for everyone and you have to find the one that gives you that unexplainable feeling of comfort and confidence that Dr. Franks gave to me. I'm happy to say that  99% of my family and friends aren't aware that I've had cosmetic surgery. I have been able to keep my privacy while enjoying the image enhancements I was looking for."     

Kim I., Polk City​, IA


"I was looking for a surgeon that I felt comfortable with and who appeared genuine and concerned about what I wanted. I decided on Dr. Franks because of stories I heard from other women who had been his clients. I didn't look at myself for five or six days after surgery, and when I did, I cried. I felt like I was looking at someone else's stomach, not my own. The results far surpassed what I envisioned. I would recommend Dr. Franks because he will give an honest response to everything you ask. My surgery and recovery have been smooth, progressive and noncomplicated, and I feel that is due to the character and skill of the physician I chose. Thank you Dr. Franks."    

Lori S., Des Moines​​​​​​​​, IA​



"I was so impressed with how comfortable Dr. Franks made me feel. He took the time to make me feel like I was his only concern. Dr. Franks' work is far more advanced than anything I ever imagined. Iowa is very fortunate to have a doctor of his experience......."  

Leslee M. Des Moines, IA



"I have had such a great experience with Dr. Franks. He is a great doctor and has changed my life  - and attititude -  after undergoing a breast reduction procedure. I wouldn't think twice about referring family or friends to him."   

Donna B., Des Moines, IA



"Dr. Franks’ practice is a relaxed atmosphere that is cheerful and inviting. He and his staff make you feel like ‘old friends’.  Dr. Franks puts no limits on the time spent to discuss any procedure and answers all your questions thoroughly, often with great detail. I have often spoken to friends about Dr. Franks, sharing the positive and relaxing experience he and his office provide."    

Kate C., Des Moines, IA


"Dr. Franks had performed a surgery on a friend of mine. Her results were so amazing I decided to travel from North Carolina for a consultation. The honesty during his explanation of the well as his obvious attention to detail and symmetry were extremely comforting. From my first consultation, my well-being seemed very important to Dr. Franks and his team. The office showed great follow-up and coordinator, and it was always with a smile and attitude as if I were family. Should I ever choose to have another cosmetic surgery, I would want Dr. Franks to be my doctor."    

Gitte P., North Carolina


"Through my search for a plastic surgeon, I was looking for the best doctor - one that I trusted and one that worked for me. In Dr. Franks I found both a great doctor and someone who takes the time to understand exactly what I want to gain from surgery. Many may not realize how much of a life changing event reconstructive surgery is. With Dr. Franks by my side I knew that I had nothing to worry about. I completely trusted Dr. Franks and his team. I have never regretted the surgery. I am so pleased with the results. When it comes to putting your life into someone else's hands one can never be too cautious. With as many doctors that I have dealt with in my life, finding a doctor that is good to his nurses and has great bedside manners is very hard to do. With Dr. Franks, I found all of the above. He has been there for me and my family the whole way through. Thank you to all of you for everything you have done for me."    

Eva B., Urbandale, IA



"Dr. Franks has known my family since my daughter Cheyenne was bitten by a brown recluse spider on her eyelid when she was 8. She is  now 13. He is caring, kind, and really cares about my daughter and us! He is a great doctor and you can barely notice her scar on her eyelid, which for a young girl is very important. He is great and part of our family and anyone who would say other wise doesn't know him. Thank you Dr. Franks for everything you have done for  our family."     

Barbara W., Martensdale, IA



"I have known Dr. Franks for a few years now. I first met Dr. Franks when he was called in to do surgery on my grand-daughter after being bitten on the eye-lid by a spider. Dr. Franks was very concerned and sincere for my grand-daughter. His work was super and is still treating her for this problem with the same concern and care as the first day. In December of 2011 Dr Franks did some surgery on myself with the same care he gave to my grand-daughter in the past. Dr. Franks took my phone calls in the late evening when I thought I was having a problem. He has always been willing to talk to me about my condition. His staff is also very caring and so nice to me and my whole family. Thanks Dr. Franks and Erin for everything."    

Jim P., Norwalk, IA 


"He took special care of my face, made my fears vanish even in the middle of winter while there was a ton of emergencies besides mine all around. Awesome doctor, wonderful person."    

Coleen J., Des Moines, IA



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