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"Dr. Franks had performed a surgery on a friend of mine. Her results were so amazing I decided to travel from North Carolina for a consultation. The honesty during his explanation of the well as his obvious attention to detail and symmetry were extremely comforting. From my first consultation, my well-being seemed very important to Dr. Franks and his team. The office showed great follow-up and it was always with a smile and attitude as if I were family. Should I ever choose to have another cosmetic surgery, I would want Dr. Franks to be my doctor."     G.P., North Carolina



A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that rejuvenates the face by reestablishing support of the deeper facial tissues and removing excess skin to achieve a smoother, more youthful contour. While facelifts of the past primarily pulled the skin back tightly resulting in an artificial look, today's advanced techniques create harmony and balance through judicious lifting combined with volume restoration offering patients naturally rejuvenated, long lasting outcomes.

For your initial consultation, I would like for you to bring photographs as you appeared when you were younger. Photographs taken over several decades are very useful in helping to explain how you have been affected by the aging process. I also use the photographs to assist me in formulating your personal treatment plan.  Facial rejuvenation is not a "one size fits all'' endeavor. Each of us has our own unique facial framework created by the facial bones and overlying soft tissue. This relationship is what creates our facial proportions and ultimately determines our physical appearance. As we age, changes occur that affect the shape of our facial bones and therefore how we look. There is a fantastic study which I enjoy sharing with my clients that illustrates these changes using images from 3-D CAT scans. But it is not only our facial framework that changes as we age but also the volume of the soft tissue which covers the framework. The fullness of the soft tissues decrease and the attachments between the soft tissues and underlying bones loosen. The widest portion of our face is no longer the distance between our cheeks as in youth; rather, the face now appears just as wide at the lower jaw resulting in an elongated or square shape. As we continue to age, the face seemingly descends into the neck which also loses its elegant form. So, in order to restore a more youthful look, there are three critical areas that must be addressed:

1) The supporting tissue beneath the skin's surface must be repositioned to a location more compatible with youth.
2) The skin must then be gently draped over the aesthetically reconstructed facial form.
3) When indicated, volume lost through the aging process should be restored.

Item three, the restoration of facial volume, is an important and a very powerful way to create a youthful, radiant look. I use several techniques, either alone or in combination, to accomplish this. At times, I will take tissue obtained during the facelift and use it as grafts which are applied to regions of the face where volume has been depleted. This tissue is often discarded but I find it very useful in helping to create a more youthful and proportioned appearance. An additional technique involves taking fat from one area of the body and placing it into select regions of the face to restore volume and symmetry. This is a wonderful technique; however, a surgeon should be experienced if predictable results are to be expected.

Dermal fillers are another option to supplement lost volume and fullness of the face. A criticism of dermal fillers has been that the effects are not permanent and reinjection is required every one to two years. Today, fillers are available which last two years and even longer. I will explain the difference between the various dermal fillers currently on the market and recommend the one that is right for you based upon your goals and physical examination. Volumizing techniques are also an excellent option if you are not ready or not a candidates for a surgical procedure. I may use one technique alone or incorporate a combination of volume replacement techniques to assist in creating a more youthful look. The results can be very impressive, but natural.

You are welcome to contact my office and arrange a time for you and I to sit down to discuss your concerns and desires for improving your appearance. Out of respect to my clients and my specialty, I have made the decision to restrict pubic viewing of photographs exclusive to those individuals who are truly interested in the procedures I perform. To do so, please provide and submit the information requested on the Before and After page. A password will then be displayed which permits access to any of the underlined procedures that are listed. Just hover over the procedure you wish to view, click, then enter your password. Review photographs and take notes if you like. You are welcomed to contact my office with your questions or schedule your complimentary consultation.




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