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Non  Surgical  Cosmetic  Procedures

Non Surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox, Xeomin and injectable fillers have become increasingly popular among my clients of all ages. The focus of media attention on Botox and Xeomin, known as biologics, and injectable fillers has heightened awareness that these treatments can be used as an alternative to certain aesthetic procedures or as a temporizing measure before one makes the decision to undergo an elective surgical procedure. For those with early signs of facial aging, these treatments often prove more convenient than surgical procedures. This is a very important issue to discuss.


Many of my clients who received fillers at other facilities have been disappointed with their result. It is important when considering an elective procedure, particularly one which will affect the appearance of your face, to be certain that the person performing the injections has an experienced understanding of facial anatomy and how the anatomy and soft tissue of the face are affected by the aging process. They should be capable of discussing how the aging process has affected your appearance and to offer various realistic treatment options that will help to achieve the look you desire.  Ask questions! Have a clear understanding of the person’s background and experience to whom you are entrusting your face.  


At WDF Plastic Surgery, I perform all injections of Botox, Xeomin and dermal fillers. As a plastic surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, I have undergone extensive training both in general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Prior to beginning my medical career, I had attended dental school. My early dental training gave me excellent dexterity and sharpened my artistic perspective as well as four years of studying facial anatomy. Following dental school, my oral and maxillofacial surgery training provided an unparalleled level of head and neck anatomy and expertise in that region and the craniofacial reconstructive fellowship I completed following my plastic and reconstructive residency focused intensely on reconstruction of the face and skull of both children and adults with craniofacial deformities. I apply my extensive training along with over fourteen years experience as a plastic surgeon to you.






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