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Breast  Lift

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"I had always thought about a breast lift/breast augmentation but it became a serious consideration about two months before I met with Dr. Franks. I did a lot of research on different surgeons prior to meeting with Dr. Franks as well as talked with people in the community who highly regard Dr. Franks. I was initially impressed by his background as well as being certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and was even more impressed when I met him in person. Dr. Franks is nice and personable. During my consultation, he spent a significant amount of time educating me on my procedure and helped me to understand why I looked the way I did. It has now been one month since my surgery and I am so happy with the appearance of my breasts!  Dr. Franks and his staff been wonderful. I am recommending him to everyone! Thank you Dr. Franks!"   

Laura M., Ankeny, IA



Over time, similar to the rest of your body, the appearance of your breast may change. Pregnancy, breast feeding, weight fluctuations or weight gain. Aging and gravity each contribute to the loss of youthful shape, firmness and skin elasticity. As the volume and fullness of the breast is lost, the nipple descends to the lower portion of the breast giving the breast a ptotic appearance. (The origin of the word ptosis is Greek and means falling or sagging of a body part; therefore, a ptotic breast has fallen or sagged.)


A breast lift is a procedure that when skillfully performed restructures the breast to an eloquent form. It is a highly individualized procedure achieved through a variety of incision patterns and techniques. The appropriate technique for you is determined by your breast size and shape, the position of your nipple and areola, the amount of breast ptosis and your skin quality and elasticity. 


During your consultation, it is very important that you share with me your concerns regarding the appearance of your breasts and how you wish yoor breast to look. There are several different techniques used to perform a breast lift. It is my belief that a successful breast lift procedure should not rely solely on the removal of excess skin and lifting the nipple/areola to a higher position on the chest. This surgical approach fails to respect the compromised condition of the skin and remaining breast tissue. Specifically, the skin has thinned and lost its elasticity and the breast tissue is less dense and more deflated. If the operating surgeon does not recognize changes in the quality of the tissue which have occured, a surgical technique not capable of correcting these issues may be used.   


When possible, I believe that it is important to remove breast tissue that is primarily responsible for a breast's ptotic appearance and then contour the remaining tissue into more firm, attractive breast. The overlying skin is carefully re draped and the nipple and areola positioned to a sensible location on the breast. It has been my experience that this technique best  preserves the reconstucted breast form. I want to stabilze the shape of the remaining breast tissue and prevent it from setteling into the lower part of the breast. This can make the breast appear "bottomed-out". The breast lacks proportion and symmetry with the nipple/areola sitting too high on the chest. 


Out of respect to my clients and my specialty, I have made the decision to restrict pubic viewing of photographs exclusive to those individuals who are truly interested in the procedures I perform. To do so, please provide and submit the information requested on the Before and After page. A password will then be displayed which permits access to any of the underlined procedures that are listed. Just hover over the procedure you wish to view, click, then enter your password. Review photographs and take notes if you like. You are welcomed to contact my office with your questions. Erin or Jenae will gladly assist you in scheduling your complimentary consultation.



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