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"I just want to thank Dr. Franks and his entire staff for all the support and help that was offered before, during and after I underwent liposuction to my abdomen and flanks. Dr. Franks has done such a fantastic job! The results I have achieved just after one week post-operatively are indescribable. I could not have imagined that I would look this great!  Dr. Franks is extremely talented at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone - and everyone! Thank you, Dr. Franks for giving me outstanding results!"  

Gloria G., Des Moines, IA



So. What is up with fat?  You exercise regularly. You watch your caloric intake. You've even lost weight and feel pretty good about it. But, there are still certain areas of your body that the fat, " just...will... not... go... away". The fact is, by your late teens or early twenties; your body has already produced its total number of fat cells. Genetics is the primary factor in determining which region of your body the fat cells live. So when you gain weight, the number of fat cells does not increase, the fat cells just become larger. Same when you lose weight. The number of fat cells doesn’t decrease, they become smaller. Proportionally, if more fat cells live around your belly button, lower abdomen or flanks, even if you lose weight to other regions of your body, you maintain more fat to these areas. This is the fat that my clients often tell me, "no matter what I do, I just can't seem to get rid of this fat...".


Liposuction, is a surgical cosmetic procedure for reducing fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise: literally removing fat and re-sculpting the body. The first known application of liposuction is credited to a French surgeon who in the 1920's used suction to remove fat. His technique was crude and it was not until 1974 when father and son Italian surgeons invented a blunt, hollow surgical instrument called a "cannula" did liposuction become a legitimate procedure.  The cannula allowed fat to be removed while minimizing damage to blood vessels. Over the next several years, liposuction techniques were improved upon making liposuction safer and the results more appealing.

I believe liposuction is an opportunity to sculpt and re-contour the body.  It is very effective in selectively removing unwanted bumps and bulges and in improving the body's silhouette. This is the primary and most important distinction between suction assisted liposuction and nonsurgical treatments that claim to reduce fat. Look at a photograph of an individual who is well conditioned. The peaks and valleys of their body’s contour are created by the definition between individual muscles and the overlying skin. The six pack. The horizontal lines that cross the middle of the abdomen giving it a "washboard" look, are created by the  retraction of the fascial attachments that extend betweeen the rectus abdominus muscle and the overlying skin. These peaks and valleys can be created using a technique I call, Anatomical Liposculpting.  Using cannulas of different shapes and sizes, I selectively remove fat, highlighting the muscles and sculpting the fatty tissue to reveal the body’s natural contours.


Your final appearance from suction assisted lipolasty develops in two phases.  During the first phase, there is an immediate reduction in the volume of fat cells which have been selectively removed by the cannula. There may be some bruising and swelling which subsides after 1 - 2 weeks. The areas affected by the surgery may be sore and tender to the touch for up to three months after surgery depending upon the amount of fat removed. It is during this time that the second phase occurs. The body heals by the laying down and contraction of connective tissue. So in those areas where fat cells have been removed, connective tissue forms and contracts. It is important to control the maturation of the connective tissue or irregularities on the skin surface may develop.  Wearing a garment that compresses and molds the connective tissue is necessary. Massage is an additional way to compliment healing and improve contour. Over the next several weeks, the skin overlying the sculpted areas begins to retract, revealing a slimmer, smoother silhouette. It is important to maintain your new look by living a lifestyle which includes moderate exercise and good nutrition.


Today, there are several devices which claim to remove fat by various methods. Fat can be melted, frozen, dissolved with chemicals or its cell wall destroyed by "radiowaves". Pretty impressive. I am not going to discuss the legitimacy of each of these devices. If you would like to visit, I will assist in deciphering through the ambiguous information available to the public. My advice is to, "DO YOUR HOMEWORK".  It's your body. As I share with my clients, the more knowledge you have of a procedure, the better your understanding of its limitations and deficiencies. 


Out of respect to my clients and my specialty, I have made the decision to restrict pubic viewing of photographs exclusive to those individuals who are truly interested in the procedures I perform. To do so, please provide and submit the information requested on the Before and After page. A password will then be displayed which permits access to any of the underlined procedures that are listed. Just hover over the procedure you wish to view, click, then enter your password. Review photographs and take notes if you like. You are welcomed to contact my office with your questions. Erin or Jenae will gladly assist you in scheduling your complimentary consultation.



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