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Commitment  to  My  Clients


Over the years my practice has grown to be composed of clients who have referred a friend, who then referred a friend, who referred a relative, who then...; well, I think you understand where this is going. But what a compliment I feel from my clients. Selecting a surgeon to perform an elective procedure is an enormous decision. The right surgeon can confirm that the decision made to go forward with a surgery that perhaps had been considered for years, was the right one. The wrong surgeon can cause one to feel remorse and regret they ever considered elective surgery. The financial and emotional costs can be overwhelming.


As your surgeon, my goal is to provide you the best aesthetic or functional outcome. I will tailor every surgical endeavor to your anatomy and desires in an effort to attain only natural, non-operated appearing results. I use reliable surgical techniques which I have developed and refined to accomplish these goals. I believe that it is important to offer you different options that conform to your aesthetic wishes, budgetary constraints, and time commitment to recovery. I will spend considerable time educating you about each surgical option in order to promote a meaningful dialog that allows you to make a well informed, intelligent decision. I will answer any question and address any problem or concern promptly and fully and I will extend the best care that can be provided to you during every phase from the preoperative, operative, to postoperative setting. 





WDF Plastic Surgery and Skin Care   

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Fort Mill, SC 29715

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