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Can You Ever Go Too Big With Breast Implants?

Living in America, it seems like bigger is better. We opt for a larger phone, super sized food and for the ladies, higher heels. But is this idea okay for everything? Certainly, it seems questionable in matters of plastic surgery. Is getting outrageously big breast implants a good idea? Well, let’s discuss the matter more in depth.

There are a lot of women who have already undergone a breast augmentation who end up going back to the surgeon for bigger implants. This is because she wasn’t satisfied with the first size. Of course, even women who go back for a second procedure aren’t getting breast implants the size of a watermelon. Instead, she is just upping the implants one cup size.

Choosing the size of the implant is a difficult and personal matter. You want to get the appropriate size the first time around so you aren’t dropping thousands of more dollars on a second procedure. This decision takes a lot of time and consideration. Talk with your Des Moines plastic surgeon to learn what size might be right for you. They will use an implant simulator to show you the possible appearance of your new breasts.

It’s important to note that when considering what size implant you want, you shouldn’t use bra sizes as the measurement. First of all, bra sizes vary from each brand. You might wear a 34C in one brand but it could be a 32DD in another.

Another thing to consider is your body size. Getting implants the size of watermelons may not look proportional to your body. They will also cause you to have back problems which would likely lead to a second procedure to get them removed. We can’t say exactly what sizes are too big, but generally implants larger than 600 millimeters would be considered abnormally large. In addition to back problems, you’ll have a hard time finding clothes that fit properly. Because your breasts will be unproportional to your abdomen, shirts will hang off you in an awkward way.

Extremely large implants can also affect the skin of your breasts. Because your breasts are not naturally that large, the skin will stretch far beyond what it should. This will create sketch marks and cause your skin to thin. The thinness of the skin will make your breasts appear transparent. In extreme cases, you could experience extrusion. This causes the implant to surface through the skin. Because it is open to the environment, you are really putting your health at risk. You could contract a life threatening infection.

So, if you have been considering a breast augmentation, consider these risks of large implants. Schedule a consultation with a trusted Des Moines plastic surgeon to learn more. Dr. Franks with WDF Plastic Surgery is a well-trained surgeon who can put your mind at ease. For more information about Des Moines plastic surgery, contact 515.421.4299.

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