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Combining Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgeries Can Optimize Results

When you have spent years being frustrated with your body, suggestions for solutions are usually received pretty well. Most women just want to be happy. As long as the recommendations are safe and effective, the “how” isn’t quite so important.

Recently, surgeons have been combining two Des Moines plastic surgery procedures into one, in an effort to get the best results for their patients. This hybrid surgery combines the breast lift and the breast augmentation procedure Des Moines patients trust most. This results in the larger, firmer and youthful looking breasts you’ve been after.

Before we discuss why the combination works, let’s quickly recap the two procedures independently.

The breast augmentation procedure Des Moines women love is done to make a woman’s breast larger and fuller. Silicone or saline implants are inserted into a pocket that is made under the natural breast tissue. This is usually done after a woman has lost a lot of weight or after a pregnancy. In order for a woman to get the results she desires most, there are many different shapes, sizes and types of breast implants she can choose from. This procedure does not make breasts less saggy if severe droop has already set in.

The breast lift procedure is done to remedy sagging breasts. The breast is raised by removing the extra skin around the breast. Then, the remaining skin and the tissue inside are tightened and reshaped. In some cases, the areola will be raised and made smaller to contribute to the overall youthful look of the breast. Because this procedure is less invasive, many women opt for this when they are nervous about plastic surgery.

Why The Combination Works

Instead of choosing between one procedure or another, consider getting both. It may sound too invasive, but it’s not. It is no more invasive than the standard breast augmentation procedure Des Moines women seem to choose most.

In fact, plastic surgeons are recommending the hybrid procedure, called augmentation mastopexy, more and more often because it solves a wider range of women’s concerns with their breasts. It will fix breasts that are saggy and make them more full all at the same time. The reshaping of the skin and tissue from the breast lift also make it easier for plastic surgeons to give women the best results.

The obvious benefits to combining the surgeries extend further than youthful breasts. If you get one surgery instead of two that means you will end up paying less money. You will also have a shorter overall recovery time. That means you will have to take less time off of work and will be able to get back to living a normal life faster.

Since there is also no record of additional complications from combining the procedures, there really is no reason for you to not schedule a consultation for your Des Moines plastic surgery. For more information, contact Dr. Franks at 515.421.4299.

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