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Increase in Cosmetic Surgery by Asian Patients

Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly more popular within Asian communities. The most common procedure Asian patients seek is eyelid surgery. However the rhinoplasty has become a new fad within Asian cultures all throughout the world.

It seems that the sudden interest in Asian rhinoplasty has been largely influenced by the Western culture. According to an article by Dr. Clyde H. Ishii, he stated that Asian women are likely to want larger eyes, a higher nose with more definition and a smaller face. This produces a challenge on the plastic surgeon’s part. These women do not want to fully “Westernize” their faces. They still hope to maintain essential cultural aspects in their appearances.

Communication is extremely important between the patient and plastic surgeon. Asians tend to be more timid in fully admitting the procedure they want because of their cultural beliefs. If the language barrier is affecting communication, Dr. Ishii stated that photographs and computer imaging may help to clarify communication and patient expectation.

Plastic surgeons have to take in many considerations when performing a rhinoplasty on an Asian patient. There are many cultural and anatomical differences in Asian and Caucasian patients. The procedures are extremely different.

How is the procedure done?

A rhinoplasty on a Caucasian as opposed an Asian patient has many significant differences. Caucasian rhinoplasty involves sharpening the nose tip and breaking the nasal bone to help reduce the size of the nose. Because Asians typically have a smaller nose tip, a completely different procedure is necessary for the proper outcome. Asian patients are seeking larger noses with a higher bridge, as opposed to Caucasians that wish to reduce the overall size of the nose.

Plastic surgeons in Western countries and Asian countries have different approaches to augmenting the bridge. Surgeons in Asian countries may choose silicon or other implant options opposed to Western surgeons using grafts of the patient’s tissues. Each of these procedures has its own risks but the silicon implant is more likely to lead to postoperative complications, such as excessive scarring and prolonged swelling. The patient’s preference is the leading factor in determining which of these procedures to use.

For both Caucasian and Asian patients seeking a rhinoplasty, WDF Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is the right choice. Dr. Franks has the experience and talent for those wishing to improve the appearance of their nose. For more information about plastic surgery in Des Moines contact 515.421.4299.

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