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Eliminating that Post-Pregnancy "Pooch"

Motherhood is a very rewarding experience; however, every woman experiences changes in the way her body looks following her pregnancy. One area that often remains of concern is the post-pregnancy “pooch”, as many women call it. No matter how many exercises you do to try and improve the appearance, you may find that your pregnancy belly stays around far longer than you would like.

The skin of the abdominal region like other areas of the body has a limit to how much it can stretch before it loses it abliity to return to its original size. If the skin stretches too much, the dermis may actually develop small tears which heal by forming scar tissue beneath the skin surface. The appearance of the scar tissue on the skin surface is often referred as a stretch mark .

Unfortunately there is no cure for stretch marks. Lotions, topical treatments, lazers, ultasound and radiofrequency devices, all have made claims regarding their effectivness in eliminating stretch marks. These claims may help companies and manufactures sell their products or devices but do little to actually remove the scars.

The only effecticeve way to address the appearance of the post pregnany pooch is a tummy tuck also known as an abdominoplasty. An abdominoplasty can often successfully remove excess skin, along with stretch marks, extending from the pubic region to just above the belly button. The waist can be contoured and the abdominal muscles, loose from pregnacy, can be tightened.

Please contact our office for answers to your questions and to schedule your complimentary consultation. Our office number is 515.421.4299. Erin or Janae will assist you. Visit our website for additional information regarding Dr. Franks and his unique qualifications as a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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