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Fat Grafting Now Helps With Painful Blood Disorder

If you've ever heard of Raynaud's phenomenon, you know how painful it can be. This disease triggers abnormal blood flow to the hands that happens when it is significantly cold. Luckily, there has been a recent study done that shows that injecting some of a patient's own fat into their hands has worked wonders to lower the pain and other symptoms associated with this problem.

Patients with this disease have significant attacks that are very painful when they have a lessened blood flow to their feet and hands. This is most commonly brought on by exposure to cold. Over extended periods of time, these can actually lead to significant complications.

There have been many different treatments tested to rid patients of this phenomenon, with very mixed results. When patients underwent fat grafting for other reasons and showed marked improvement, doctors were prompted to try this procedure.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recognizes this as an invaluable treatment that can and will go on to not only save lives, but to simply improve the quality of life for these patients. Nearly 80% of patients who had this procedure done had completely successful results with no complications. And even those with some complications still had great end results. This is an exciting innovation for those with this problem.

While the results that were produced initially are very exciting and look promising, further research will need to be done to ensure the best results.

Dr. Franks is a board certified plastic surgeon that understands your needs and knows how best to operate on you. If you desire to have this or any other procedure done, contact Erin or Jenae for a free consultation at 421.4299.

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