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Misconceptions About Your Breasts

Before undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, many women may find themselves with a lot of information about their bodies. This can come from the internet, or from many other places such as friends or family. It is important to understand what your body does naturally before you even consider having a surgery done. Read on to find out more about common things people think about breasts, and why they're not true!

There are a lot of "exercises" that claim they will strength your chest as well as the muscles that surround it, but unfortunately, many of these are just not true. Breasts often just sag and droop with age, and besides surgery, there's not much to be done about it.

Myth #1: Bouncing of the Breast with Exercise will Cause Sagging

Although the bouncing movement of the breast with exercise will cause strain on the ligamaents which support the breast, the primary factor causing breast to sag is the affect of the aging breast process upon the supporting ligaments

and skin. The ageing process along with gentics and pregnacy has the most influence.

Myth #2: There are exercises which can prevent breast from sagging

Exercises which target the musclses lf the chest may tone or enlarge the muscle but will have minimal afect on the overlying breast tissue.While these types of exercises may give you more tone than what you had previously, you simply cannot change the position or the shape of your breasts with exercise alone. The only real way to do this is to get a breast lift.

Myth #3: An implant alone will lift your breasts

Sadly, this is not true either. If you wish to only have fullness, you will be happy with the results of implants. If you wish for a lift, however, you will not achieve this will simple implants. Even if you place them higher without lifting the skin, it will not likely be the result you desire. If you want to change the position, you will need a lift, too.

For more information on what your body does as it ages, or even as you gain weight or go through hormonal changes, speak with our plastic surgeons for a consultation today. We can help you understand what is going on with your body, and the real options for improving it!

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