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Common Breast Augmentation Myths

When you consider having a breast augmentation surgery, there is one thing for sure - you can find a lot of incorrect information on the internet. Today we are here to take some time to bust those myths that you may see floating around out there.

Myth #1: Breast Implants Always Look Fake

You may find yourself worrying that once you have this procedure, everyone will know you've done it. However, if you choose a plastic surgeon that is board-certified, as well as choose a size that will look natural on your body (don't go overboard!) and choose a placement (try underneath the muscle), nobody will know you had it done! Your family and friends may not even know - as long as you try to look as natural as possible.

Myth #2: You Will Experience Significant Pain During Recovery

The time taken to recover from breast augmentation as well as the pain that occurs can vary significantly from patient to patient. Many people don't feel any pain at all (this commonly happens with mothers who had much larger cup sizes during a recent pregnancy). Some people find themselves feeling a bit of pain for a week or so following the surgery, but that can be easily managed with painkillers prescribed by your doctor. What you may find most challenging is not being allowed to exercise for several weeks after, but you will find the results are definitely worth the wait.

Myth #3: Breast Augmentation Surgery Will Last Forever

Unfortunately, this is not true. Most implants (no matter what they're made of) are not made to last forever. Implant manufacturers actually state that you should replace your implants every ten to fifteen years to avoid a possible rupture. It is not required to do this, and it's important to consult your plastic surgeon about this. Some surgeons will tell you replacement is not necessary unless there is a significant problem - but you need to prepare yourself for possible surgeries in the future.

Myth #4: You'll Look Perfect Immediately

When you have a breast augmentation, your muscles actually respond to it by tightening. Because of this, your implants will rest much higher on your chest than you desire, and will likely look very swollen. As you undergo the healing process over several weeks, your breasts will begin to settle down in a position that looks much more natural. This will mean that you should give yourself some time to recover before you show them off in that new bathing suit.

These myths help shed some light on the important aspects of breast implants. If you have any questions, contact our offices today for information on a consultation. Dr. Franks is a board-certified surgeon who will help you get the body you've always dreamed of having.

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