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Getting Rid of Tired Eyes

Many of us have the problem of looking tired on top of feeling tired - which might be unavoidable. Although this problem is real, we can combat it if we understand why it's important to get beauty rest. Read on to find out more.

Your skin will heal faster

You may have heard of "beauty sleep". This is a real thing that works. Your skin will use the hours it takes to sleep to get rid of damage that comes from everyday living. When you go to sleep, your skin will improve significantly. This is why you will awaken feeling refreshed.

You'll won't have breakouts

That's right - if you sleep more, your skin will be clearer! If you have a significant lack in your sleep amounts, you may become stressed. This can cause blackheads and pimples - yes, even when you're an adult! In some research, it has ben shown that those who are in college are more prone to breaking out when they were very stressed, such as during finals week.

You will have brighter eyes

Do you want your eyes to glow and sparkle? Get rid of dark circles. These often will run in families, but they can look much darker when you aren't sleeping enough. To blend them in to your face, add some eye cream for the use of priming. Then, blend in some concealer that is slightly lighter than what your skin tone is. This will brighten up your eyes.

Give your skin an even look

If you stay up all night, this will make your skin blotchy or very pale. When you sleep enough, this will encourage the right amount of flow of blood to the surface of your skin. If you wake up and find that your skin looks very uneven, add some foundation. If you choose to set it with a translucent powder, you will love the results.

People will tell you that you look "better"

Yes, you may feel alright running on only a few hours of sleep, but your coworkers, family, and friends will probably recognize the problem. Research has been done to notice pictures of people who had eight hours of sleep vs. those who were starved for sleep. The people who were very well-rested seemed more attractive, less tired, and even healthier.

You can get rid of puffiness

If you find yourself with eyes that are puffy when you wake up, this is because fluid gathers near them when you lay down flat on your bed. To get rid of this problem, be sure to lay on a few pillows each night. Do you still have some under-eye bags after this? Be sure to add a cold washcloth to your eyes for a couple of minutes when you wake up.

Don't use salt

If you're always one who stays up late and wants a snack, eat some fruit instead of salt! If you eat too much salt, you may end up with a face that is very swollen in the early hours of the morning. This happens because those foods that have a lot of salt can make your body retain a lot of fluid, which will cause significant puffiness.

Give our recommendations a try and contact our office with any questions. Jenae our certified esthetician will assist you. You are invited to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about the condition of your skin and solutions. We may be reached at 421.4299.

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