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Black Market Procedures Bring Serious Consequences

Women all over the United States are risking their lives having illegal "black market" procedures to increase the size of their buttocks. These procedures are most often performed by people with no medical training who inject silicone or other non medical products into the buttocks.

Some women may want to fill out a pair of jeans or look better in a bikini. Others believe a bigger bottom will bring them work in the entertainment industry. Whatever the reason, people are seeking cheaper alternatives to legitimate plastic surgery - sometimes with disfiguring or even deadly results.

There have been deaths reported from "black market" buttock injections in New York, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, and Georgia. An interior decorator in Mississippi faces charges for the deaths of two women injected with silicone in her home.

There is little official data on the procedures or the injuries that result from the illegal injection into the buttocks, but authorities say more are being reported every day. Thousands reply to online forums used to set up these illegal procedures.

For Apryl Michelle Brown, her journey toward a "black market" injection started when she was a young child and people teased her about having a "flat butt".

Years later, a woman in Brown's California beauty salon told her she could make her butt larger with injections. "I thought it was divine intervention." says Ms. Brown.

The next week she was at the woman's house for her first round of injections with more to follow.

Before long, the injection sites became hard and extremely painful. She found a doctor who agreed to remove the material, which she learned was an industrial silicone available at home improvement stores.

Following surgery in 2011 to remove the silicone, she developed a staph infection which left her close to death. The infection spread rapidly and it was necessary to amputate both of her hands and lower legs to save her life.

Today, Ms. Brown speaks about her experience on her website and tries to convince others that they're beautiful the way they are.

She doesn't want anyone to go through the suffering that she has.

Please contact our office at 515.421.4299 if you questions about this article or if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Franks to discuss your options for enhancing the appearance of your buttocks. Dr. Franks is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has performed many buttock enhancement procedures. He has developed the art of buttock enhancement by performing liposuction to first sculpt the hips, lower back, and abdomen. The fat is then carefully prepared then injected into the buttock region. The sculpting performed by liposuction with the transfer of fat provides beautiful results. You are welcomed to view before and after photographys of this and other cosmetic procedure performed by Dr. Franks.

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