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New Study Suggests Depression Can Be Treated With Botox

A new study has shown that patients injected with Botox demonstrated substantial improvement in their depressive symptoms.

In the largest random, double-blind, placebo controlled study to date on the effect of Botox on depression, researchers discovered that more than half of the patients who suffered from moderate to sever depression showed a significant improvement in their depressive symptoms.

This study included 74 depressed subjects injected with one treatment of Botox or a placebo to the muscles just between the eyebrows.

The results were shocking.

The depressive symptoms in those injected with the Botox went down 47 percent after six weeks, compared to 21 percent in those injected with the placebo. This is the first study to show a real difference in decreased rate with placebo patients.

"This study is groundbreaking," says Dr. Norman Roesenthal, MD. "It offers those who suffer from depression and their doctors a completely new approach to treating the condition - one that doesn't conflict with any other treatments."

The study has shown that this treatment may help with depressive symptoms on its own, as well as in conjunction with other treatments.

Perhaps the most surprising finding from this study is what it is that was actually believed to help rid the symptoms. While some may think it was purely the chemicals in the Botox, that may not have been the only effect.

There have been studies shown over time that facial expressions influence mood more than we think - and this just might prove that.

Botox, when injected into the face, tightens the muscles and patients are more prone to smile rather than have long faces. Psychologists think that, because this was injected into the faces of these patients, that a simple change in their facial expression influenced how they felt, elevated their mood, and produced the right chemicals in their bodies to make them feel happier and healthier.

Inhibiting frowning may be the way to go when treating depressed patients.

This treatment is a very non-invasive, outpatient procedure that provides tightening of sagging facial muscles. Not only will this treatment create a better look on the face, but it may produce a better feeling in the patient as well.

This is yet another proof that cosmetic procedures have wide-reaching effects that allow people to feel better about themselves for many different reasons.

To learn more about botox please visit our non-surgical cosmetic procedures page. If you have any questions regarding botox and how it may help to combat your depressive symptoms, please contact our practice to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Franks today!

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