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Faulty Breast Implants Replaced With a Subsequently Recalled Brand, Affecting Australian Women

Australian women who had faulty French breast implants that were replaced with a second brand, which has now been recalled. Last month, the Therapeutic Goods Administration announced that the distributor of PIP breast implants in Australia had pulled its Cereform implants from popular use following a recall. Although the recall has been officially announced, Medical Vision is still promoting the product on their website. The recall was requested after the French regulators found that the paperwork did not meet the standards for international sterilization.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration said there had been no infection rates with the implants in Australia, and there was no health risk found. About 4,800 of these implants have been sold since the year 2009, and while some may have just been replacement implants, thousands of Australian women may be affected. One such woman is Christine Stephen, who was not told that her Cereform implants are distributed by the same manufacturer as PIP.

Stephen had PIP implants placed, but had to have them removed after one ruptured. Unfortunately, when she had her replacement Cereform implants put in, she developed an infection that required hospital stay as well. She didn't know if she would wake up without a breast or not.

While she was very kind and understanding about the recall of the PIP implants, she is now, understandably, very angry about the PIP recall as well. She has spent over $20,000 on surgeries and needs further operations to remove scar tissue from her breasts. Rightfully so, she cannot understand why both products, produced by the same distributor, were not only allowed into the country, but knowingly replacing those who had problems with the originals.

Stephen said she had an infection and there was no record made of it. She feels that there has been a lot of deceit surrounding the whole process, and a lot of passing of blame. In addition to the problems surrounding the Cereform implants, many women report having a traumatic experience with removal of PIP implants. According to a lawyer who has represented many women with this problem, they often subject themselves to psychological help. So many of these women were so concerned, that they sought counseling, while others have been put on anti-depressants.

Many women even took time of work to cope emotionally. This is an unfortunate situation that has affected thousands of women in Australia and France. While the investigation is ongoing, many women are obtaining lawyers to represent them in their cases. If you or someone you know has had implants with either of these products, you may want to see a doctor now to find out if you are at risk for infection.

If you have questions regarding your breast implants or breast implant surgery please contact our office and arrange your complimentary consultation with Dr. Franks.

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