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Woman Killed by Cheap Plastic Surgery

You may want to be careful before you opt for "affordable" plastic surgery, because you might not make it out alive.

Such was the case with Beverly Brignoni, who traveled to the Dominican Republic for what she thought would be a better option for a tummy tuck. She died on the operating table, and her family wants to know why.

Brignoni and her boyfriend, Lesley Martinez, flew to Santo Domingo on February 19th to a clinic her friends had recommended. When they arrived, they made a brief stop at the Vista del Jardin Medical Center, where her surgery was scheduled to be performed the next day. After a quick check of her blood pressure, she was cleared for surgery at 7am the next day.

Brignoni had a 4 year old daughter, Madison, whom she lived with in the Bronx. Having recently lost a lot of weight, she just wanted to get in and have some tightening done. Her family can't believe this happened to her.

The young mother spoke to surgeons both in New York and in the Dominican Republic before making the decision to have her surgery done by Dr. Guillermo Lorenzo at Vista del Jardin. As anyone would be, she was enticed by the cheap price offered in this clinic.

Soon after the surgery began, Martinez was brought his girlfriend's clothes and led to a recovery room to wait for her to be done.

When Dr. Lorenzo appeared in the room at 3pm, he brought terrible news.

"He said he was so sorry, that she was gone, that he had lost her," said Martinez. "He said she had an embolism and died."

Brignoni's shocked family has acquired a lawyer and plans to to sue the clinic as well as Dr. Lorenzo. The clinic was temporarily closed due to a health inspection, which found bacteria as well as violations of sanitation regulations.

When contacted for comment, the doctor did not respond.

Information from NY Daily News.

Plastic surgery, like any other surgical procedure, is a very complex process and should be done only by those who are trustworthy and true professionals. Before undergoing any procedure, be sure to find out if your doctor is approved by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Getting recommendations from your friends and family may not be enough to ensure a safe environment for surgery. Surgeons who are board-certified and approved are much more likely to give quality results, as well as sanitary ones.

Contact us to learn more about a safe way to have a tummy tuck Des Moines.

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