Brotox: Would You Try It?

August 6, 2014

Women typically have high standards for their appearance, which is why more women opt for cosmetic surgery. However, it seems that in recent years more men may be feeling the same way. GQ and Allure magazines conducted a  joint survey in 2010 about men's and women's appearances, and the research revealed that 72 percent of men feel more pressure to care about their appearance. 


According to a study in the journal Cosmetic Dermatology, the number of men getting Botox injections has rapidly increased. Botox injections are a chemical that relaxes the facial muscles, reducing lines and wrinkles. The number of men undergoing this procedure has jumped 258 percent over the past decade. So what's with the sudden increase?




Lead study author Whitney Bowe, MD, stated, "My male patients are much more open and proactive about their appearance-related concerns now. Male patients who have tried Botox look better, feel better, and believe it gives them a competitive edge. There's also less of a stigma associated with cosmetic procedures nowadays."


When plastic surgery was first introduced, more women were undergoing procedures. It wasn't a very manly thing back in the day to get plastic surgery. In recent years, it appears that there has been an increase in metrosexual men. They aren't afraid to be less manly if it means they will look good.


Botox injections are one of the simplest cosmetic surgery procedures. One could actually go on a lunch break to get the injections, then return to work feeling just fine. The simplicity of Botox seems to be another reason why men are opting for the procedure. 


Economy Booting Plastic Surgery Procedures


When the economy fell flat on its face, a lot of people found themselves out of work. So as the economy picks itself back up, more jobs are becoming available. In the last few years, many young guys have obtained college degrees. Older men that were laid off, now find themselves in competition with good looking guys in their 20s. 


Bowe stated, "Men feel increasingly pressured to maintain a more attractive and youthful look in a highly competitive job market."


A youthful appearance can give both men and women an edge in the job market. More career opportunities are available, and there's even a better chance of generating more revenue. 


No matter if you are a woman or a man, none of us are getting any younger. Botox injections are a simple fix to the unpleasant aging process. As a man considering going under the knife, make sure to do your research. Not every plastic surgeon has experience with male patients. To ensure that you are getting a quality procedure, find a surgeon that has performed Botox injections on males. Naturally, women and men have completely different faces. Males tend to have more prominent features and thicker skin. It is important that the surgeon knows how to handle the aspects of a male's face. 


When researching plastic surgery in Des Moines, potential patients will come across Dr. Franks at WDF Plastic Surgery. He is a board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience. He even offers a 3-step skin care system deesigned specifically for men. For more information about Botox injections, contact 515.421.4299.


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