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New plastic surgery reality show

Plastic surgery is a major decision that shouldn’t be treated lightly. In most cases, the procedure is permanent, and even the procedures that aren’t still last a long time. Over the years, plastic surgery has become increasingly popular. Whether people are going in for a simple Botox injection or getting their entire body sculpted, a large portion of the US population are getting work done. Some people are so eager to get a procedure done, that they don’t verify if their plastic surgeon is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Many patients have even undergone illegal procedures.

Going to a plastic surgeon that is not board certified can result in a botched procedure. With so many horror stories about surgeries going wrong, even trusting a board certified plastic surgeon is a huge and life threatening risk.

When the procedure is done correctly, it can change a person’s life for the better. Successful plastic surgery will improve a person’s confidence and add grace to the ageing process.

But even for those that have undergone botched plastic surgery, there could be hope. A new E! TV series called “Botched” features two board certified plastic surgeons whose goal is to fix botched surgeries.

Dr. Terry Dubrow is one of the plastic surgeons. Ten years ago, he helped surgically transform girls-next-door on the show “The Swan.” His best friend, Dr. Paul Nassif, accompanies him on the new reality show. Dr. Nassif is a nose specialist who gained stardom by association.

Recently, the doctors denied operating on a young man who had over 132 operations to look like a Ken doll. The man has implants in his arms to appear as muscles, and even has an augmented butt. The doctors had to refuse operating on him because his case was too difficult.

One of the most shocking episodes of the show featured a woman who underwent a tummy tuck in Tijuana. The surgeons used ice as an anesthetic, and the botched tummy tuck caused a large portion of her skin to die. Her belly button even moved so low that it didn’t look natural.

Another episode of the show featured a woman who first underwent a breast augmentation at the age of 17. The first procedure went great, but after getting pregnant she chose to undergo a second surgery. After visiting a different surgeon who increased her breast size dramatically, her chest was no longer proportional to her body and didn’t look natural. She received a third procedure from Dr. Dubrow, who replaced the implants with a more natural size.

The show makes its viewers realize the importance of doing research before undergoing plastic surgery. Many patients are so quick to get their problems areas fixed, that they don’t find a reputable surgeon. Getting a botched plastic surgery can be detrimental for your health, and cost you a lot of money to get it fixed.

Dr. Franks is a board certified Des Moines plastic surgeon. He has many years of experience so you can be sure you are in good hands. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Franks, contact 515.421.4299.

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