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Laser treatment could diminish scarring

Scars obtained from abnormal wound healing could be diminished when treated with laser therapy. Laser treatment can help hypertrophic scars. However, laser treatments are not beneficial for another type of abnormal scar known as keloids. Research was done by Dr. Qingfeng Li and colleagues of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital in Shanghai, China. It was concluded that further research is necessary to determine which types of lasers benefits scars in darker patients.

The study revealed that laser treatments have a 70 percent success rate for excessive scarring. Medical lasers for both hypertrophic scars and keloids were tested in 28 different clinical trials. Both types of scars have abnormal appearances. The scarring becomes thickened which can lead to cosmetic and even functional problems.

Hypertrophic scars only appear in the injured area. Keloids will spread to areas outside the injury. Keloids are also more common in dark-skinned patients. Only three of the reports focused on keloids scarring.

More than 900 patients were involved in this study. It was found that laser therapy was successful in preventing scars from worsening. This was determined by testing scars that were less than one month old.

Two specific lasers provided the best results. These were the 585/595 nm pulsed-dye laser (PDL) and the 532 nm laser. The 585/595 laser was used in about two-thirds of the studies. The 532 laser was only used in three studies. The 585/595 laser had interesting data. It was found that this laser worked better for people with lighter skin. It was also found that this laser worked best when laser treatments were repeated at an interval of five to six weeks.

Plastic surgeons are the most qualified medical professionals to treat excessive scarring. They are trained to produce quality cosmetic care. They also use procedures that are less likely to leave a scar as opposed to other types of surgeons.

Plastic surgeons use various treatment methods to diminish the appearance of scars. Modern lasers work by coagulating deep tissues. Older lasers work a much different way. The treatment is done by destroying the abnormal scar tissue on the skin’s surface. Modern lasers have a lower risk of scars returning.

Dr. Li plans to continue his research in hopes of finding the best laser treatment for all types of scars. The current results revealed that the 585/595 laser is the best for treating scars in patients with lighter skin. The researchers are determined to find a laser treatment that will work for patients with darker skin. In time an effective laser treatment will be found that can treat patients of all skin types.

If you have unpleasant scars, you may want to seek the help of a Des Moines plastic surgeon. Dr. Franks is a board certified plastic surgery with many years of experience. He can perform the necessary procedure to diminish the appearance of scars. To schedule a consultation, contact 515.421.4299.

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