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Breast lift reduces bra-cup size

A study was conducted by Dr. Katie Elizabeth Weichman of New York University on women’s breast sizes after a breast lift procedure. Research showed that a woman’s bra will reduce typically one cup size after getting the procedure done. This isn’t because of the breast itself, but likely how the procedure was done. The results are imperative for doctors to discuss with their patients. This is not likely the expected result for most patients.

Mastoplexy has become increasingly popular in the US. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics, nearly 90,000 women underwent the procedure in 2012. Women who are aging, have breast fed or were pregnant will likely experience sagging in the breast tissue. A breast lift will restore them to appear more youthful. Women choose to undergo a breast lift as opposed to a breast augmentation because only their own breast tissue is used.

20 women participated in the survey; the average age was 47. Every patient underwent solely a breast lift procedure. The women were studied over a period of five years. At the final follow-up, the women were asked about their bra-cup size then versus before the surgery. Other factors, such as weight gain, were considered when evaluating the bra-cup size.

There was an average decrease of one bra-cup size in the women that were studied. All the women stayed with the same brand of bras. This is important as bra sizes can vary with brands.

Only a single patient claimed to have a significantly increase in breast size. However, this was due to hormone therapy and weight gain. Every women did report being satisfied with their breast lift.

A breast lift procedure is supposed to lift the breast tissue to decrease sagging. How would this change the bra-cup size? The answer is simple: most women do not wear the correct size bra. When women have sagging and extra tissue in their breasts, they tend to wear a larger bra-cup size. This is more comfortable for them. Researchers reported, “It is our contention that ptotic breast fills out a larger (than actual) brassiere cup size.” After breasts are lifted, women can fit more comfortably in their true size bra-cup.

This is very important for patients to understand. Many choose to undergo a breast lift procedure because they do not want to change the size of their breasts. It is imperative that doctors explain that the breasts will remain the same size after the procedure. Doctors and patients need to maintain good communication about the procedure. A woman choosing to get this procedure is sure to have a lot of questions. A doctor needs to effectively answer them, not only to ease the patient’s fear but to ensure the patient will be satisfied with the results of the procedure.

If you are considering a breast lift procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Franks. A Des Moines breast lift procedure can be beneficial to someone that has sagging in their breast tissue. For more information about the procedure or to schedule an appointment, contact 515.421.4299.

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