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Should you get a breast augmentation before or after having kids?

You want to be a mom. You have known for your entire life that one day you were going to become a mom. After going through puberty and settling into your adult body, you decided that you are going to get a breast augmentation one day. The question raises: should you get your breasts done before or after having kids?

Timing depends on a few things. If you plan to have kids in the immediate future, then wait. It would not be fun to be recovering from plastic surgery while you are pregnant. If you aren’t planning for kids in your immediate future then it’s ultimately your decision. There are a few factors to consider.

First, implants cannot affect your fertility. Some women may have the misconception that implants can affect the ability to conceive a child. This is not true. Whether your implants are silicone or saline, you will still be able to conceive a child. According to a study by the FDA, implants will not increase the risk of a miscarriage either.

Pregnancy could impact the quality of your breast augmentation, but it doesn’t happen in every woman. Most women were still happy with their breast augmentation even after giving birth. A major factor to consider is the length of time you had your implants. The older your implants are the more likely pregnancy could affect them. Breast implants are not permanent. Most women have their implants about 10 to 15 years before they need to get redone. Getting pregnant ten years after getting your breasts done is likely to affect the appearance. This is something you can discuss with your Des Moines plastic surgeon about. Your genetics may tell you how your breasts might be affected during pregnancy. If your mother and her mother experienced major changes in their breasts while pregnant, you will likely to as well.

Breastfeeding is another major concern women with implants have. Physically women with implants should be able to breast feed normally. Psychologically, some women may prevent themselves from being able to breastfeed because they don’t believe they are able to. Some women, even without implants, simply aren’t physically able to breast feed. If you are a breastfeeding mother with breast implants, it is a hundred safe for infants. The implant, whether silicone or saline, does not have any impact of your baby’s health.

Either way there are pros and cons about getting a breast augmentation before or after having kids. There is no medical need to wait until after you have children to get the plastic surgery procedure done.

If you have more questions about breast augmentations and pregnancy, you should schedule a consultation with a Des Moines plastic surgeon. Dr. Franks is a board certified plastic surgeon and can ease any worries you may have about surgery. He has performed many breast augmentations, so he can effectively answer all your questions about the procedure. For more information, you can contact WDF Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at 515.421.4299.

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