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Tattoo artists create 3D nipples for breast cancer patients

Professional tattoo artists can help women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery. They can create three-dimensional tattoos of the nipple and surrounding areola.

Nipple-area complex tattoos are a good alternative for women that do not want to undergo another surgical procedure. Plastic surgeons have originally performed NAC tattoos using lighter ink for the areola and darker for the nipple. However, professional tattoo artists can create a more realistic nipple. Dr. Eric G. Halvorson of Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston has recognized that tattoo artists can create a nipple that is aesthetically superior to a plastic surgeon.

Tattoo artists use a three-dimensional technique that is looks extremely better than a surgeon’s two-dimensional technique. Tattoo artists use multiple colors and shadowing to produce the effects of a 3D nipple.

Professional tattoo artists also use better equipment in terms of artistry. Their equipment is more sophisticated in terms of machine speed, needle type and color mixing. A tattoo artist’s skill and use of sophisticated machinery can produce aesthetic results that contour to the new breast. Tattoo artists are capable of producing areolas that look so realistic, it even appears like tiny Montgomery glands surround the nipple.

Dr. Halvorson and his colleagues no longer perform NAC tattoos. He stated, “While referring patients to tattoo artists for 3D NAC reconstruction may take some business away from a surgeon's practice, it is our obligation to offer patients the best results possible.”

Women may be wondering the costs of a tattoo like this. The positive news is that insurance does cover part of the cost. In general, this tattoo is going to be dramatically cheaper than nipple reconstructive surgery because you don’t have to go under anesthesia.

Some women may feel uncomfortable getting their breasts tattooed at a tattoo shop. Many of these tattoo artists performing the NAC tattoo will go to a medical facility and perform the procedure in the medical office. Researchers of this new procedure are offering people tips to find local tattoo artists that perform the NAC tattoo. A major tip for women seeking the NAC tattoo would be to ask for before and after pictures. You want to be sure that the artist’s work is as good as they claim it to be. Women can find a list at Pink Ink Project of tattoo artists capable of the NAC tattoo.

Dr. Halvorson said, “The technique of 3D NAC tattoo presented is, in our opinion, a significant advance in obtaining improved aesthetic results for women undergoing breast reconstruction.”

Three-dimensional tattoos are the up and coming trend. Talented tattoo artists can not only produce 3D nipples but also eyebrow or lip tattooing after facial reconstruction.

For women suffering from breast cancer, Dr. Franks is well-trained in breast reconstruction. He is a board certified plastic surgeon that can produce quality results. It can be a hard decision to undergo breast reconstruction. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Franks to learn more about the procedure. Des Moines plastic surgery can provide you with quality care and ensure aesthetically pleasing results. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact 515.421.4299.

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