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Four factors to consider for a breast augmentation

Did you know that people have been getting breast augmentations for over 50 years? Even today, it remains the number one most common plastic surgery procedure in the US. As the number of breast augmentations increase, so does innovation. If you decide to get a breast augmentation, there are four major factors to consider.

Saline v. Silicone

Your Des Moines plastic surgeon can discuss the benefits and risks of each one. Ultimately, it lands on the patient’s hands to decide which one is the best choice. During your consultation, you will get a chance to see and feel each one. There is an interesting fact that could affect your decision. The FDA requires that you must be at least 18 years old for a saline implant, but at least 22 years old for a silicone implant. In 2013, 72 percent of patients undergoing a breast augmentation chose the silicone implant. The silicone implant has a more natural feel. The saline implant is a less expensive option.


Determining what size to get might be the hardest decision in the entire process. If you are a petite woman you don’t want to go too large, as you don’t want to look disproportional. You don’t want to get them not big enough and years later be unsatisfied with your breasts. Patients often come into the office requesting the same size another person got. It may look good on that person but every body type is different. Even if your friend is the same height as you, your body types are not exactly the same. You need to get the size that works best with your body. During the consultation, a surgeon will measure your body and propose the right size for you. A surgeon can even use certain method to show a visual of what it might look like.

Surgical incision

Advancements in breast surgery techniques have allowed the possibility to significantly reduce the size of the scar. The Keller Funnel technique makes smaller incision which leads to smaller scars. This technique can also reduce potential bacterial infection. Plastic surgeons usually make incisions in one of these three areas: under the breast fold, around the areola, and through the armpit. A plastic surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits of each one. The surgical incision is ultimately decided based on the woman’s body type, implant style, and daily life.

Selection of surgeon

The final important decision that a patient has to make is choosing the right plastic surgeon for the job. There are many plastics surgeons in the country that are board certified in plastic surgery, but some specialize in certain areas of plastic surgery. You don’t want a plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasties to perform your breast augmentation. Sure, the surgeon will know how to perform the procedure but it won’t be nearly as good as a surgeon that does specialize in breast augmentations. Dr. Franks has a lot of experience doing breast augmentations. For plastic surgery in Des Moines, consider choosing him as your plastic surgeon. For more information, contact 515.421.4299.

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