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Why Plastic Surgery is Better in the US

There have been many stories in the headlines lately about medical tourism (specifically in places like the Dominican Republic). This is common because people wish to have beauty cosmetic procedures done outside the United States.

When you start to plan for a plastic surgery procedure, you may find yourself considering going out of the country in order to save yourself some money. You may also think that a recovery near the ocean while basking in the sun sounds glorious. Take a look at these pros and cons:

Possible pros of going out of the country:

  • Cheaper The cost is significantly less than options you can find stateside.

  • Travel You may enjoy traveling, and feel excited about the thought of leaving with your old body and coming back with a new one.

  • It's far away Being away from those you know would give you the option of hiding the fact that you had surgery by simply telling people you went on vacation.

The realities of going out of the country:

  • Your expenses will add up. Once you look at each cost for all of your travel, as well as a place to recover, you probably won't save a lot of money.

  • No consultation with your doctor. You will not be able to meet your foreign doctor in person before you have a surgery, so you'd basically be arriving in the operating room to meet your doctor. Some people might not worry about this, but it should be concerning.

  • Hiding isn't very fun. If you go out of the country, you will be far from the ones you know and love. Family and friends won't be able to visit you when you are in that low point of recovery. If you take someone along, this will further your expenses!

  • Safety. Other countries may not have the high standards of care that the U.S. employs If you go out of the country, you will find yourself in possible jeopardizing situations.

It's quite obvious that staying in the states is better. While you may have heard some success stories from going abroad for plastic surgery, you will see here that the risks far outweigh the benefits. You'll be much better served by getting plastic surgery here.

For more information, speak with our office today! We can give you a consultation - yes, you can meet our plastic surgeons before your procedure - and help you feel much calmer about your upcoming surgery. Contact us today.

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