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Stay Away from Skin Cancer

In the United States today, skin cancer is an extremely common problem. Not only is it occurring more and more, but it is extremely difficult to have to endure. Because of this, it is crucial that you make sure you're not a victim. If you are concerned about skin cancer, we can help you ease your mind. However, when it comes to this malady, it is much better to just avoid it before it happens! Read on to find out more.

Stay out of the sun at midday

It is very common in North America that in most places, the sun has the most power between about 10:30AM and 3:30PM. If you can't avoid being outside, try to do this at different times of the day. You may be surprised to learn that this problem is even prevalent in the cold winter months, or when there are clouds covering the sun. The rays from the sun can enter through your skin, even during the times when you think it won't. You are capable of abosrbing radation from Ultra-violet rays year-round, and the clouds in the sky will not offer you much protection from this type of ray that can severly damage you. If you avoid the sun when it is at its strongest, you will not contract sunburns or tans that may significantly raise your risk of contracting cancer of the skin. If you have significant exposure to the sun over time, you may also contract skin cancer.

Always wear sunscreen

Most sunscreens do not filter out radiation that is harmful from ultra-violet rays, specifically the kind of radation that may eventually lead to the thing that causes cancer - melanoma. Sunscreens do, however, play a significant role in protecting your skin from the sun. If you use a suncreen that has an SPF of 15 or higher, and that also has a braod spectrum, you will have much better results. Be sure to generously apply this sunscreen, and continue to apply it every two hours you are outside. If you are sweating or in water, you may want to do it more often than this. Even suncreens that profess to be water-proof may not be. Many people forget to apply it to their lips and face, as well as the tips of their ears. These things tend to stick out more, so be sure to apply them here.

Wear clothing that is protective

While sunscreen does wonders in helping you gain protection from harmful UV radiation, it does not provide full protection. For full protection against harmful rays, cover yourself with tightly woven and dark clothing that not only covers your torso, but your legs and arms as well. Be sure also to have a hat with a broad brim that will give you much more protection than a typical visor or baseball hat. You may also be able to find a company that will sell clothing that is photoprotective. A good dermatologist will be more than willing to recommend a specific brand.

Stay away from the tanning bed

It's no secret that Americans love to be tan. Some places might even try to convince you that getting that glow from the tanning bed is not harmful to you. However, it is much more of a problem than you might think. The lights that are commonly used in these types of tanning beds not only emit Ultra-violet rays, but they can also greatly raise your risk of contracting skin cancer. There are many different ways to get a beautiful glow without harming your body in many ways. If you want a spray tan, go for it! They are actually very high-quality today, and don't be afraid to try it. There are also a significant number of tanning lotions you can purchase from drugstores that will give you a beautiful look without harming your skin.

It is actually quite possible to prevent yourself from getting skin cancer. If you are willing to follow all the tips listed here, you will be able to avoid skin cancer as much as possible! Keeping your skin safe from harmful UV radations will guarantee you a healthy and happy body for much longer. It is also important to not deprive yourself of important rays from the sunlight - they help you get vitamins you need! Just make sure to protect your skin.

For more tips on avoiding skin cancer, click here.

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