Differences in Plastic Surgery Between Men and Women

May 1, 2014

Today, there is a lot of pressure to embody youthfulness for as long as possible.  This is particularly true regarding our appearances. It has become  an increasingly prominent part of our everyday lives. Whether it is your mother coloring her hair or a "reality star" getting Botox, everyone seems to be trying harder to turn back the clock.


Allure magainze took a good look at Americans' attitudes toward aging in a new study. This study collected information from 2,000 men and women, asking questions about sex appeal, celebrities, and beauty.


The findings suggest that both  men and women agree there is more pressure on women to look younger. However, here are some interesting responses:


  • 63% of men color their hair to look younger, while only 36% of women do this.

  • 1% of men and women have gotten cosmetic surgery or laser treaments, but 30% say they would consider doing so in the future.

  • 42% of women prefer anti aging procedures, while only 18% of men conisder this.


Women are the ones who contemplate Botox and facelifts, but men are the ones who are grabbing the hair dye.


It is always interesting to find out information from studies like these. If you wish to have that youthful look, please call our office to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Franks. He will listen to your concerns and provide you his honest opinion regarding which treatment  or procedure would be most affective in helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. You will find that our highly trained professional staff makes you our priority. Please call Erin or Jenae to schedule a time that is convienent for you.

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