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Racial Differences in Breast Conserving Therapy

Breast reconstruction therapy following breast cancer has different results for African American women versus Caucasian.

Despite similar results on objective assessments, it appears there is a difference in the perception of cosmetic outcomes between Caucasian and African-American patients. Further studies have been called for.

The pilot study included 21 women undergoing BCT for breast cancer: 10 African American and 11 Caucasian women. Breast-conserving therapy combines lumpectomy or other limited surgery, as an alternative to mastectomy. This is typically followed by radiation to reduce the risk of recurrent breast cancer.

All measurements were similar between groups.

However, there was a significant difference in outcomes, with lower sources for African-American women compared to Caucasian patients. Nipple apperance and breast shape ratings were fairly consistent. However there was wider variation when it came to scar appearance.

Breast-conserving therapy is an important option for breast cancer treatement, when the potential for better final apperance of the breast is possible.

The new study finds the same results for most patients, however, the African American women were less happy with the appearance of their breasts following surgery.

Before undergoing any procedure, it is important to first consult with a doctor. If you believe you may have a need for a procedure, talk to our board-certified surgeons. We offer the highest quality care and will give you all the information you need before having a procedure. Talk to us today.

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