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Woman Dies From Illegal Injection

Illegal plastic surgery is on the rise in the world, and it’s having serious consequences; sometimes even fatal.

A woman from the United Kingdom died in Philadelphia after receiving illegal implants in her hotel room, in the hope it would make her famous.

Claudia Aderotimi, 20, wanted a bigger booty, after being rejected for a part in a hip hop music video because she didn’t have the “look”.

Her friends said she often wore padded pants after that.Her confidence was at an all-time low.

She reportedly had a first implant procedure just recently, but sadly, after this procedure she suffered horrific chest pains and died in her hotel room on Tuesday morning.

Apparently, instead of being injected with silicone, she was injected with a less expensive industrial sealant. This material is known to have serious consequences on the body.

This industrial sealant traveled into her vascular system and stopped her heart.

She went with a less expensive and very much illegal procedure, which proved fatal for her.

Some people will go to great lengths to get plastic surgery, but as with this case, it’s not always worth it. It is vital to be sure that, before undergoing any procedure, you know that your surgeon is board-certified. A board-certified surgeon will use approved techniques and chemicals that will have the lowest possible risk for complications.

While a cheap procedure may seem enticing, be very cautious before choosing one of these “black market” procedures. They are very dangerous, and have no regulations controlling proper health.If you wish to have a procedure done, come in today for a consultation.

We use the highest quality techniques and our surgeons are board-certified to treat you with the highest possible quality care. While there are risks involved with every procedure, you don’t want to take a huge gamble with your health.

Be treated in our certified office and you will be much happier with your results!

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