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Wearing a bra is more than it appears

Wearing a bra is much more than just for appearances. In fact a lot of people would agree that wearing a bra is a pain so much that if it wasn't so beneficial we probably wouldn't wear them at all.

A new article from the huffington post suggests that after recent studies wearing a bra is very beneficial in many ways. Here are a few of their findings that support wearing a bra:

  1. Gravity is your enemy. Breasts are held up naturally by internal suspensory ligaments and a skin envelope on the ousdie that contains the breast. Depending on the size and weight of the breast there can be a lot of weight that can lead to sagging and discomfort.

  2. Wearing a bra can improve posture. With the extra weight in the front of the body it is naturall to want to curve forward or roll forward. A bra helps with posture by supporting the weight of the breasts.

  3. Bras help to delay sagging. As long as they are worn properly and frequently bras can help delay sagging in the breasts. This does not mean that you should sleep in one but wearing one while being active can be especially helpful.

In order to experience the full benefits of wearing a bra women should make sure that they are properly fitted for their bra and wearing it properly. Much like wearing the wrong kind of shoe can bring pain and discomfort along with injuries, wearing the wrong bra can do the same thing.

For information on breast augmentation or other breast related procedures please contact the office of Dr. Dale Franks.

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