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The Gold Standard for Younger Looking Skin

If you've had the privilege to meet Dr. Franks, you most likely have heard him talk about Retin A for skin care. Many of our clients seek younger, healthier looking skin and whether their needs qualify for a surgical procedure, dermal fillers, or simply the right skin care regimen; Retin A is always the 1st step!

So what is this miracle product?

Retin A, also known as Tretinoin, is a Vitamin A derivative which was first developed to address acne vulgaris in the mid 1980’s. CNN Money posted an article about the changes which occurred when applying Retin A and how it may not only treat acne! Stated in the article, “Shortly after the FDA approval, some older acne patients -- those over 35 -- began reporting that Retin-A produced a welcome side effect: smoother, rosier, younger-looking skin. Their wrinkles, they said, actually seemed to diminish.”

At this time, Retin A had not been clinically tested as an anti aging cream; however the positive reactions from current patients had the word spreading!

Retin A works by increasing skin cell turnover; stimulating collagen production while exfoliating the top layers of the epidermis to reveal fresh, younger-looking skin. Currently, Retin A is the only topical treatment for wrinkles that is FDA approved! It is extremely effective for those who use the product on a regular basis.

In our practice, we recommend Retin A to any client seeking younger-looking skin. Most often, we incorporate Retin A with the medical skin care line Obagi to not only address fine lines and wrinkles but to also correct hyperpigmentation and sun spots! The results are phenomenal.

Call our office today at 515.421.4299 to schedule your complimentary skin care consultation! During your 60 minute consult, you will sit down with Dr. Franks and Jenae to discuss your current skin concerns and skin goals.

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