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Welcome to Our Office

WDF Plastic Surgery  is located in the South Charlotte area at 7731 Little Ave. Suite B. Charlotte, NC 28226. Please contact us at 980.237.6958 to schedule your complimentary consultation. You may also visit our Complimentary Consult page to arrange a convenient time to visit with Dr. Franks.




Rebecca Roach, Operational Manager, CST.


I met Dr. Franks in 2017 at CMC main in the operating room. I then joined Dr. Franks as his private CST, (Certified Surgical Technologist) and have grown into the position of the Operational Manager. I have been incredibly fortunate to have transitioned with Dr. Franks into his private practice in May 2017. You will see me alongside Dr. Franks in every aspect of our office setting. It is an honor to train and work with a surgeon who is personal, down to earth and a great educator.  When a client is ready to schedule a surgical procedure, I often hear the question, "What do you think of Dr. Franks?" My response to these clients is very clear, "Dr. Franks is one of the best, he is very particular and a perfectionist in his work as a surgeon. This perfection is demonstrated in the results of the procedures he performs." Each and every one of our clients will go home with his cell phone number which is uncommon in the practice of medicine. This personalization and attention to detail is the reason that I love my career working with Dr. Franks!












wdf  cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery      980.237.6958

7731 Little Ave. Suite B.

Charlotte, NC 28226


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